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I'm way behind on reading, but if I don't post some notes first I won't get them done. So...
Here are some of my notes of Thursday's afternoon session. There is no rhyme or reason to them, just my thoughts and scribblings.

I got to the public waiting area and took a seat. I saw some familiar faces and chatted with them.

I was walking over to the bathrooms and saw the clerk get off the elevator with a tall woman with red/blonde hair. I had to do a double take, it was tri-color. I couldn't believe what I'd just seen. Juror 5 was back in the house. I told Katie DDJ what I'd seen but no one else.

A few minutes later the bailiff, a marshall, and a security person come out to tell us there will be someone in the courtroom today in a reserved seat. We may recognize this person but we are not to approach or speak to that person. I turned around to Katie DDJ and mouthed the words "tri-color". That is when I was sure she would be sitting in the courtroom.
The hall was buzzing with "I wonder who it is" comments. Most thought it would be Nancy Grace. I let them think it. No reason to cause a firestorm and more grief for T.C.

I saw "cane lady" give an interview later. She said we were told it would be a celebrity. not true. We were told we may recognize the person. Ok, moving on.

I notice the marshall is in his uniform rather than a suit, and comment that he's in uniform today. He told me he had some other duties that day. I said well you look good either way. He's very nice and professional. I like him.

It's 1:40 and we're waiting. No counsel, judge, or defendant. A few minutes later counsel, the judge, ja, and Travis's family emerge from chambers and take their places.

Jumbo-tron down, and the screens are lit up. There will be exhibits today.

1:45 the jury is brought in and the afternoon session begins.

As I watch the jury it is odd to see the empty chair where tri-color sat. I notice a couple of the jurors look out to the gallery towards the public side. It was CEO and
CPA. I don't notice any of the others look this way.

ALV on the stand, more wah wah wah coming from her mouth. I honestly can't stand to listen to her. I don't believe anything she says. She may have been a good therapist back in the day, but we're in 2013 and men can be victimized too. She's a disgrace to my generation. MOO
I can't believe I shaved my legs for this!

On the screen is a chart "Continuum of Abuse". "Yawwwwn".

I notice Willie is wearing Navy shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.

I'm so bored with the line of bull streaming from ALV's lips I look over to the jury.

CEO, Nancy, CPA, are watching the testimony. Paul Rudd looks like he's recovered from his illness. Grandpa looks ahead towards the jumbo-tron. Housewife is taking notes and looking at the Jumbo-tron. Trump has his thinker position going on. Church Lady is looking at the Jumbo-tron screen. First time I've seen her look over this way. She usually looks down or straight ahead.
Artist, same as always, hand over mouth, almost a chin grab.
Ponytail is taking notes, something she hasn't done much of lately.
Maureen: I can't see her. Headphones: hand over mouth. Wrestler: slouched
down in his chair looking at the "tron". Neil: hand over mouth. Paco: leaning so far I almost didn't see him. Barb: I can't see her.

ALV has read through the txt messages but doesn't text. People are yawning and bored with the testimony.

I see D in the courtroom front row with ja's family. She's reppin for ALV wearing psychedelic tie-tye.
I notice she has a small tattoo on the back of her neck. Looks like a carp ink-job as
there isn't much design, more like a blob.

There were some ladies from Yreka in the gallery today. I spoke to them as we were waiting. Interesting convo. It is a very small town and everybody knows everybody.
They said ja's mother is a dental assistant and she had to quit her job to attend the trial. The dad runs the restaurant but it's not doing well.
I'm pretty sure the ladies are related. One says her niece worked at Casa Ramos with ja and would get the stare-down from ja. I said " she was sizing up the competiton, all women are a threat in ja's soul-less eyes".

They went on to say that they had dinner at Casa Ramos and that ja was their server after she'd murdered Travis. Whoa... that was a bombshell. So of course we ask, what was she like. The lady said ja was weird, strange. She didn't expand on what it was that was weird about her. The court officials came out to get us right about then.

ok, gotta do some chores.. be back in a bit with more notes.

Excuse typos, etc...
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