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    NG 4/8/10: Is Misty Croslin considering a plea deal?

    Is Haleigh former step-mom Misty Croslin considering a plea deal?

    "Snip" http://www.cnn.com/CNN/Programs/nancy.grace/

    Is Haleigh former step-mom, Misty Croslin, considering taking a plea deal?
    This as shocking new video emerges of Misty Croslin breaking down behind bars! Will the pressure of sitting in a jail cell day after day finally make her crack & reveal what happened the night little Haleigh disappeared?
    Nancy Grace has the latest at 8 & 10 PM E.T. on HLN!

    Please wait until "Show-Time" before discussion.
    Thank You...
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    Bumping up for today's show. No discussions until show time!

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    Nancy is not covering the Croslin/Cumming's gang.
    :Banane59: Pekingese "Best Of Show" 2012

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