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    Man, 21, accused of serial foot kissing

    Summertime sandal weather proved too much of a temptation for a Greensburg man.

    James Kilpatrick, 21, of Pittsburgh Street, today waived his right to a hearing on several charges of stalking, indecent assault, corruption of minors, and harassment.

    Greensburg police said that just after noon July 3 at Greensburg-Hempfield Community Library in Greensburg, Kilpatrick saw a 12-year-old girl reading. Kilpatrick supposedly knelt beneath the table and kissed the girl’s left foot several times. When she pulled away, the man stood behind her chair and thanked her, then asked if he could “kiss her liver.” He also then offered the girl’s 22-year-old sister a dollar to let him kiss her foot, too.

    The sisters reported the man to the librarian and went later to police.

    Two days later, a woman was sunbathing in St. Clair Park, dozing in the noontime sun. She was wakened suddenly by a man licking her bare toes. “The man told her she had beautiful feet, then put all five of her toes into his mouth,” the affidavit says.

    The woman kicked free, gathered her things and fled for home, where she called police. The man struck again Friday at St. Clair Park, just after noon, with a woman who had stopped to read a memorial plaque.


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    Will they take a sample of his DNA and make him register as a sex offender?
    This is my opinion, and change is good.