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    Newgon..."A pedophile version of Wikipedia"

    I was doing research today into symbols that pedophiles use to alert others to their preferences and I came across this site:


    It's a great site that shows lots of hidden symbols and abbreviations. I've seen most of this stuff before on FBI sites but something new caught my eye. It was a listing for "Newgon: Pedophile version of Wikipedia". Now I am in no way comparing any site to Wikipedia. I'm just linking to a description on this site. Of course I was curious and had to check it out. Yep, it's there.


    "A site for the discussion of physical attractions and relationships between minors and adults

    ...free-to-edit wiki containing multiple project portals and encyclopedic content...
    ...forum for the discussion of this topic, and related politics, philosophy and activism...
    ...site is legal, above board, and seeks to promote alternative discourses on this topic..."

    A lot to check out, let me assure you. If you're anything like me, you'll enjoy the Debate Guide...a surefire way to convince your friends and family that it's absolutely OK and healthy for a grown man or woman to have "adult-minor consensual touching."I would suggest waiting until you have an empty stomach.

    Seriously, folks, this is what we're up against. This is the mindset of the people who are promoting sex with children. We need to open our eyes and ears and watch and listen. Otherwise, how will we recognize it when it's infiltrated our life?

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    WOW! Thanks for your post, a real eye-opener. These perverts make me want to puke, they all disgust me (OK, gotta go vomit now--)
    George Eliot: "We constantly ask for God's mercy while showing none ourselves..."

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    You can't say I didn't warn you. I felt the same way.

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    luckily i wasnt eating this time......

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    I literally stumbled on this one and I'm still speechless. I've read a lot af NAMBLA stuff and this has it beat, hands down. I guess what makes me want to literally cry is that they teach "members" how to debate and rationalize child abuse.....how to wrench away innocence. And they are doing it right under our noses. Oh, they are good at what they do.

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    All I got to say is .....what the he!! are we gonna do? The blind eye has not been working....
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