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    TX - Yogurt Shop Murders, Austin, 06-Dec-1991

    National show puts focus on Yogurt Shop murders

    Reported by: Katherine Stolp
    Wednesday, April 14 2010

    The parents of all four teenage girls killed in the yogurt shop murders reunite for the first time in years. They're joining forces with the hope of finally putting the horrific crime to rest.

    It's been nearly two decades since their daughters were murdered at an I Can't Beleive It's Yogurt shop in Northwest Austin.

    On Tuesday evening they taped an episode of America’s Most Wanted and spoke exclusively to KEYE TV’s Katherine Stolp.

    It will be the fifth time this case has aired on that show. The parents said they’re desperate because just months ago, the two men who served nine years in jail for the murders walked out; the charges against them dismissed.
    Last June, an unknown man's DNA found on at least one of the girls, cast doubt on the confessions of two men. But a judge said their case was too weak. Michael Scott and Robert Springsteen walked; all charges against them dropped.

    “I am totally convinced these guys killed my daughter,” exclaimed Ayers.

    “They know they murdered our girls,” said Thomas. “They let them out. It just doesn't make sense.”

    “The brutal murder of these four innocent young girls here is one of the worst crimes in the history of America,” said the host of America’s Most Wanted, John Walsh. “It's appalling. I can't wait for the DA to saddle up and do the right thing and retry these guys.”

    Until then, the parents hope this national show will help bring them the justice they've waited for, for so long.

    “It may be small, we just need a little break,” said Ayers-Wilson. “We have so much evidence we just need a little break to finish this.”

    The District Attorney is still trying to find out who matches that mystery DNA. The America's Most Wanted episode will air next Saturday on April 24th.

    more here

    Good 48 Hours article with background info on the case;contentBody
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    Where is Rachel Cooke? Missing since 10-Jan-2002
    Rachel's thread - WS

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