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    IN - Jennifer S. Mullins, 26, Auburn, Nov 2009

    The woman found Sunday in Cedar Creek has been identified.

    According to a news release from the Auburn Police Department, Jennifer S. Mullins, 26, of Auburn is the person who was discovered around 4:45 p.m. Sunday.

    A fingerprint taken during the autopsy on Tuesday provided the basis of the identification. Mullins, according to the release, was reported missing by an acquaintance in November of last year.


    RIP Jennifer.
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    So sad

    RIP .

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    Auburn police are releasing new details about the case of a woman found dead in a creek in an effort to generate new leads in the cold case.
    We now know that Mullins went to Martin's Tavern in Garrett the night of November 13. Around 10 p.m. she was kicked out of the bar. When she came back around midnight, she was refused reentry. That's when witnesses told police an unknown woman in a pick-up truck offered Mullins a ride. That's where the investigation hit a dead end.
    When Mullins was found, the coroner couldn't rule a cause or manner of death because her body was too decomposed. It's still not certain if foul play was involved, but Sexton hopes someone will call with a new lead.
    "Come forward. clear your conscience. Make it right," he said.

    Anyone with any information about Mullins' case can call Detective Sexton at (260) 290-3200 ext: 1922 or Detective Phil Snover at (260) 920-3200 ext 1923.

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    Weird. That obit gives her age as 26 but lists her dates as 1934-2010. That makes her 66 by my reckoning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zwiebel View Post
    Weird. That obit gives her age as 26 but lists her dates as 1934-2010. That makes her 66 by my reckoning.
    That obit is all screwed up...

    "Jennifer Susann Mullins (AUBURN, Ind.)
    1934 - 2010"

    Also says: "Jennifer Susann Mullins, 26..." and "She was born on November 29, 1983 in Portsmouth, Virginia"

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