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    Angela Marie Hammond (20) - Clinton MO, 1991

    Angela Marie Hammond

    Endangered Missing -- Missing Since: April 4, 1991

    Missing From: Clinton, Missouri

    Height: 4'11" -- Weight: 140 lbs -- Hair Color: Brown -- Eye Color: Brown

    Angela was four months pregnant when she vanished.

    Angela Hammond was last seen in in the city of Clinton, Missouri on April 4, 1991. She was at a pay station telephone talking to her boyfriend when she was abducted by a white male driving a pickup.

    On April 4th, Angie dropped her fiance', Rob, off after a Bar-b-Q, about 22.00. She said she would call later. At 23.15, Angie did call from a pay phone about 7 blocks away from Rob's home. As they were talking, she told him of an older model 2-tone green Ford late 1960's pickup truck with a water or fish scene in the back window, that had pulled in next to hers. She said a filthy bearded man with a mustache and glasses wearing coveralls got out and looked around his truck with a flashlight. She said the back window of his truck had a mural of a fish jumping out of water.

    Suddenly, Rob heard Angie scream. Rob dropped the phone and headed toward Angie. As he reached the site, a truck passed and Angie screamed out, "Rob" and the truck sped away. Rob turned sharply, but as he did, he damaged his transmission and could only chase the speeding truck a couple of miles.

    Police looked for a late 1960s model Ford pickup with a water or outdoor scene in the rear window and possibly with a white top. The truck may have had damage to its left front fender.

    Two witnesses told police they saw a white man with a mustache wearing a dark-colored baseball-style cap sitting in the truck near the telephone booth Hammond was using. The witnesses' description is similar to one Hammond gave her fiance moments before the line went dead.

    Within a week, Rob had been cleared of having anything to do with Angie's disappearance.


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