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    RI - Christine Dumont, Audrey Harris, Woonsocket, 2003/04 *J Mailhot guilty*

    A 33-year-old Woonsocket man was named the "primary suspect" on Monday in an investigation into the disappearance of three women, who are presumed dead.

    Police haven't charged Jeffrey Mailhot in connection with the disappearances, but said no other suspects are being sought.

    "We are very confident we have the right person, and we are very confident there are no other suspects," said police spokesman Capt. Luke Gallant. He added there is no threat to residents.

    Gallant said Mailhot knew the women, and they went with him willingly.

    "These were not stranger abductions," he said
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    Another link


    Prayers for these ladies families, Lanie
    Help For The Missing

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    R.I. Man Gets Life for Killing 3 Women

    PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) A man was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday after pleading guilty to murdering three missing women, dismembering their bodies and discarding their remains in commercial trash bins.

    shame he didnt get DP

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    Interesting article about how the police solved the case.

    Note: The article appears to be 4 pages long, page 4 though is a registration page - it seems to me that all the pertinent info is on pages 1-3 - just a warning though for those of you who will be driven nuts by having the last page hidden.

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    You know what I think is interesting is he didn't start killing until he was in his 30's. This takes a lot of knowledge we have about serial killers up another notch...they do not always start in their 20's.The consistent thing is the "urge" they all seem to talk about.

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    True Concerned Person. Basically people can start killing at any age, its my personal belief that its a "sense of entitlement" that is the urge.

    On another note: He was only caught for these murders, and only confessed to these murders. Perhaps there are others, in his younger years, that he didn't dispose of in the same manner as the idea only came to him recently.

    Or perhaps there was someone in his life who's presence stopped him from acting on the urges - a mother, father or wife/girlfriend. If their presence was removed it could "allow" him to act, where he never allowed himself to act before.

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    Links for Christine

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    Links for Audrey

    The Charley Project


    North American Missing Persons Network


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