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    MD - Melonie Hamber, 2, beaten to death, Baltimore, 17 April 2010

    City father charged with murder in toddler's death
    Police say man confessed to striking child with belt

    By Andrea F. Siegel, The Baltimore Sun
    1:08 p.m. EDT, April 18, 2010

    Baltimore police have charged the father of a toddler with murder in the death Saturday of his 2-year-old daughter.

    Melonie Hamber was pronounced dead at 5:19 p.m. Saturday after she was taken from the 2000 block of East Hoffman Street to Johns Hopkins Hospital, said police spokesman Donny Moses. Police suspected she had been shaken.

    Her father, Tyrone Hamber, 22, of the same address, told police he found the child unresponsive on the bathroom floor. Under questioning, he told investigators that he beat the child with a belt to discipline her, Moses said.

    more here


    looks like this precious little one was inflicted w/ more than a 'whipping'.

    Fly with angels, sweet little girl
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    He won't hurt you anymore baby girl...I am so sorry no one was there to save you. RIP.
    Happy New Years

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    So, she was 2 years old and he is an adult and he needed a belt?..... Boy, what a tough guy he is.
    Forum: Jury Room
    Thread: Most interesting classic unsolved murder cases

    This thread currently has over 350 cases with a brief synopsis of each and we are still adding additional cases.

    You can access a spreadsheet that lists the cases in alphabetical order with the page & post number so that you can locate a particular case you may be interested in. It also contains links to any cases that already have a thread on WS.

    Many cases do not have a thread. Please feel free to start one in the appropriate forum if you would like to look into one. Should you start a thread on one of these cases, please let me know so that I can add the link to the spreadsheet.

    Here is the link for the spreadsheet in alphabetical order:

    Here is the link for the spreadsheet in country order:

    Forum: Jury Room
    Thread: Cold But Not Too Old Murder Case List

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    Here is the link for the spreadsheet in alphabetical order:


    Here is the link for the spreadsheet in country order:

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    where was he beting her? couldnt have just been in her butt

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    "Father" was initially charged with child abuse, but the autopsy showed additional injuries and he was charged with murder.

    Poor little angel. That was most likely not her first beating. Rest in peace, sweetie. I am so sorry you had to see sch an ugly world in your young, short life.

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    From February 2012:


    A Baltimore man will spend the next 25 years behind bars for beating to death his 2-year-old daughter.

    Tyrone Hamber III pleaded guilty in October to child abuse resulting in death...

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