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    Thumbs up IL - Grocery Mishap Turns Into Sex Offender Bust

    Poor, elderly, confused Maurice Kruit got busted. The 67 year old was grocery shopping in Chicago when he proceeded to walk out of the store with his cart of food.

    Hey, don't we all get confused at the self checkout? Police were called and felt so bad for the poor elderly an they even walked him three blocks home carrying his bags. One cop inquired to security about safety and a contact for the guy and finds out he's on the lam. Yes sireeee! Kuit has a warrant out for his arrest in Washington State for failing to comply. He slipped out of State without registereing.

    Kuit was arrested back in the early 2000's for vouyerism. Now he won't need groceries as no doubt he'll get a cheese sandwich. See? These guys it just don't matter. They will not comply. They cn be 67 or 100. They do what they want. Lord knows how many people he peeped on in Chicago.


    Kudos to the LE that were kind enough to be nice to an elderly man but savvy enough to bust his old tail.

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    Whoa it's even worse

    Thank goodness for those cops in Chicago.

    This dude is a Level 3 sex offender. As early as April 7th Seattle police have been looking for him.

    He's a wolf in sheep's clothing they say. He poses as a bank executive. He uses a pen, paper and phone book to stalk out his victims. He's well dressed and well breed they say.

    Holy fumbling nutter. This guy is dangerous with a capital "D"! Oh and he uses the "I'm elderly and need my glasses ploy on women as well as stealing groceries".



    Here goes his mugshot and his warrant. He's also posed as a Doctor. Deviant.

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