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Thread: Threadiquette- Questions about rules welcome here

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    Welcome to Lindsey's forum

    Now that there is an entire forum for Lindsey be sure to thread out the different topics such as searches, timelines, press conferences etc.

    If you encounter a problem with a post use the 'report post' feature (the red outlined triangle) which is located at the top right of every post just to the right of the post number. Use it if you run across a questionable post and would like a moderator to take a look.

    The moderators of this forum are Animal04216, christine2448, imamaze and hoppyfrog. Any moderator of Websleuths should be able to assist you but the main mods run the show and receive the 'alerts' and the rest of us try to keep up.

    It's time to bring Lindsey home!

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    Threadiquette- Questions about rules welcome here

    Thanks to JBean


    All of our Mods are listed at the bottom of the page, we are all happy to help you out with any questions you many have.

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    Websleuths (WS) Etiquette & Information

    [ame=]Websleuths Etiquette & Information[/ame]

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    Regarding social networks

    Regarding facebook,twitter, and myspace you can link but do not cut and paste. But the goal is to really only link to those that are directly linked to a case. IOW, we don't want to post to someone's mother, brother, employer, milkman , or postal carrier just because they know the main player. It just gets too invasive and half the time we are not even sure it is the right person. When a post starts out, I found 5 people with this name do you you think any of these are [insert person here]? that is not a good thing.

    It will often be up to mod discretion as to who can and cannot be linked, but the general rule of thumb is if they are named in the media specifically as having some role or are being questioned or have information then you are probably safe to link. No screen caps and no cutting and pasting. If a social media is set to private and you get in the back way and post what you see, that is not a good thing!Private means private.
    Just imagine if is you if you cannot decide and you shoulod be able to figure out if it is ok.

    You are free to discuss what you may come upon,but if it is just a lot of gossip and rumor it won't fly. People open facebook accounts and post whatever they want and to carry that as some sort of inside info is careless. but, sometimes there is really valuable information that may even come into evidence as in the Caylee Anthony case.So, if you know for a fact it is the right person and they are named outright in the msm as someone linked to the case it should be fine. IF IT IS A MINOR DON"T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!

    If something was posted as public and then removed you might be able to post it, it is up to the mod of the forum and it depends on who, what, when and where.
    The mods are listed at the bottom right of the forum under the index, they can generally help. If not, they will ask admin for guidance and we will all decide what is best.

    Generally we try not to invade everyone's privacy and if the linked information has no bearing on anything, then leave it out.
    We moderate here. Some people love it and some people hate it. Up to you to stay or go, choice is yours. Complaining about our rules doesn't help. if you have a suggestion or think of a better way, bring it on! We are far from perfect and welcome your input as long as it is civil and basically polite.

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