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    FL - Tampa Area Sleuthers, can you help??

    Would all the WSers in the Tampa area please take a look at this photo and read this article please?


    "TAMPA - Tampa police are investigating to find out who was operating a miniature, radio-controlled helicopter that hit a young woman last Friday, seriously injuring her.

    The incident happened last Friday in Gadsden Park in South Tampa. Maresa Poole, 17, was knocked to the ground by one of the aircraft, believed to be a three-foot remote controlled helicopter."

    The irresponsible men in this photo hit this poor girl in the head and arm with an RC helicopter, seriously injuring her, and ran off. My husband is a RC heli pilot and in the RC community this is BIG news. Everyone is trying to find these guys and have donated thousands of dollars to help her. Please take a moment and look at the photo and see if you recognize these men.


    The incident happened at Gadsden Park in South Tampa.

    Thank you!

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    My lord...they have video of the guys including the car, a phone number from the 911 call...why can't they find these guys after all this time??

    Poor woman, that's so awful!

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