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    FL - Postal Worker Arrested For Stealing Gift Cards In Mail


    He was found with 450 gift cards that had been stolen from peoples mail.
    It says he's facing 5 years and I am surprised at that, I would think he would be facing more of a sentence.
    He worked the night shift at a processing center and would target cards being sent, I wonder if he steamed them open to look for the gift cards and then resealed them to send on if they didn't have a gift card? The ones that did have a gift card just never arrived, or did he reseal them and send them on?

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    That guy got greedy.

    How backward could ya be leaving the cards in your vehicle?

    He was probably going to be out of a job anyway soon enough. Now he might do jail time.

    VB, my guess is he KNEW exactly which ones had the gift cards in them. If you process mail for that long ya pretty much would know even by looks I bet. He's from Cockeyesville. Perfect.

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