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    JVM-LA girlfriend believes KC killed Caylee

    Big deal! So does everyone else in America!

    JVM was really scraping tonight to find stories. Go back and talk about Haleigh. Bring back Granny Flo! Hehehehe
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    Totally a non-story

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    I do believe this is why LA has made himself scarce.

    If MP believes this, if LA believes this, to me, this is good news. I have always thought when LA was trying to get info from Inmate Anthony's friends, he truly wanted the truth told. I do think his mother clouded him a bit. When he found out about his mother sending the PI's into the swamp to see if Caylee's remains were there, he was angry and cut himself off from his family..now I see why LA fell off the radar....JMHO

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    Nobody allowed at council tables is allowed to make gestures....according to new judge.

    He forgot to mention: batting of eyelashes at attorney crush and dart eyes for mom CA

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