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    FL - Operation Child Shield II nets 50 arrests


    Operation Child Shield 2

    "Jeffrey Drew “fantasizes about rape,” sheriff’s officials say. The 18-year-old Drew, a resident of 7314 Thomas Jefferson Circle in Bartow, was one of 29-people arrested Thursday in a county-wide child pornography raid by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

    Drew regularly downloaded videos portraying women being raped, sheriff’s reports indicate. He’s now charged with possession of child pornography.

    The year-long investigation resulted in 50 arrests across the county. In some cases hundreds of pornographic images were confiscated.

    According to Judd, the investigation – Operation Child Shield II – was the largest-ever roundup of sexual predators in Florida. Statistics, Judd said, show that 85 percent of cases dealing with sexual abuse involve someone in a custodial relationship with a child. Two-thirds of all sexual predator suspects possess child pornography, the sheriff said....."

    more at link (including video)

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    85% of these cases involve someone in custodial care of the child? WHOA! That's high. How sad is that? How da*n frightening is that?

    Way to go Florida. Keep up the good work. Sadly there's like another 50,000 to go I bet.

    Eight victims have been identified or have come forward thanks to Operation Child Shield 2.


    Upon searching through like 24 pages of suspects from last years Operation Child Shield it's kind of alarming I'm not finding out what happened to alot of these guys.
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    I think Sheriff Grady Judd is amazing. This is not his first sting on these type of horrible people.

    I think after the Jessica Lundsford debacle....getting these people off the streets became one his first priorities....he also has one of the biggest drug bust in Florida.... and internet stings.

    This department continues to amaze me. I do not even live in his county. I do not even know the name of the Sheriff in my county.

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    Filly--You have no idea how that very issue eats me up. What happens to the perps? Do they plead guilty? If so, where are they? Are charges dropped? Is so, is a public apology made and their name cleared?

    I understand that the public can't know everything about ongoing investigations but isn't this always going to be ongoing? Don't people want to know about Joe down the street and why LEOs led him away in handcuffs? Why are WSers the only ones asking these questions?

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    Right on, Polk County! Nice work.

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    Well, I wanted to know what happens to the perps. By sheer luck, I stumbled upon an article about Jodi Vinson's trial today and that reminded me to check out some of these names. There's a disconnect here that I still don't like. You have either be very close to this situation or paying attention or you just won't see the progress.

    Anyway, here's another article about one of the accused. Mug shot alert!!


    "Daryl James McClelland, 55, of Bartow is facing more than 75 charges, including sexual battery on a victim under 12 years of age, lewd molestation and possession of child pornography.

    "We questioned him, he made the statement, of the children he babysits, he chose the very youngest to sexually abuse and to make child pornography with because that very young child couldn't tell on him, couldn't verbalize what was happening to them," said Sheriff Grady Judd...."


    "....This perverted individual here had made 180 still photos of children who he was babysitting and another 32 movies of child pornography of this child he was babysitting," said Sheriff Judd as he held up a mug shot of Daryl McClelland.

    The child in those images was identified as a four-year-old he babysat in 2008 and 2009 while the child's mother worked. Detectives say McClelland encouraged the child's parents to allow him to babysit rather than trust child care organizations. It's being called a classic case of a child predator grooming a parent to get access to a child....."


    ".....McClelland reportedly did not seem to regret his actions.

    "We asked him why he didn't express regrets and he said, well, the child was very young and won't remember what happened," Sheriff Judd said. The sheriff went on to say McClelland admitted to detectives that he first sexually abused a child when he was 12 years old...."

    more at link

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    Just seems like a vicious cycle that needs to be broken for the sake of protecting our children. KUDOs to Sheriff Judd. Thank you for making a difference!!

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    I was three when my dad died...I do not remember it, or him. But at four, I vividly remember breaking my leg on a swingset, riding in the car with my new baby nephew as he was being brought home from the hospital, playing with him while the cast was on and neither of us could walk, and some of the country's Bicentennial celebrations and events that went on.

    She will remember.

    My heart bleeds for her and all of these poor children. Peace be to them.

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