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    FL - Lisa Bishop, 23, Ship going from Miami to Haiti, 1989

    Height: 5’2”
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Age at the time: 23

    My condensed summary of the info at Unsolved.com:
    Lisa took off with an acquaintance on the ship Freedon going from Miami to Haiti. After Lisa's family didn't hear from her, the Coast Guard investigated and found that the ship apparently never arrived at its intended destination. A wider inquiry of various ports around the Caribbean turned up nothing.

    However, two weeks later, an underwater salvage diver saw Freedon enter the harbor at Grand Cayman Island. The ship stayed a day and was gone in the morning. Lisa's boyfriend met with the diver and checked out the harbor. Witnesses reported seeing a man matching the description of Florian accompanied by a short, dark-haired man.

    After the boyfriend returned home, he spoke with the woman keeping Florian's possessions. Among the possessions was a picture apparently of the same dark-haired man, whom the woman identified as 'Phillipe'. The boyfriend later learned that it was Phillipe who had originally charted the voyage of Freedon to Haiti.

    The woman holding Florian's possessions also told the boyfriend that, "The girl told me that he mentioned that he was involved in a large scale smuggling thing, and that something had gone wrong, and that they had gotten involved in something too deep that Lisa didn't know about and couldn't handle it. I feel that if Florian is out there, eventually, I'll find out about it, and I'll locate him."

    Lisa's page at Unsolved.com has a summary of the original segment on her which first aired on Unsolved Mysteries on October 7, 1990. Photo images of Lisa, Florian and the ship may be found there as well. There is an interesting discussion of the case at Sitcoms Online.

    Lisa has been mentioned in other threads, so I think it's time she had one of her own.
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    Bumping for Lisa.

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    Sounds to me like perhaps someone didn't want Lisa to write the article she was planning to write...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CastlesBurning View Post
    Sounds to me like perhaps someone didn't want Lisa to write the article she was planning to write...
    Perhaps. That's an angle I have never considered given all the other shady stuff. But it's possible, certainly.

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    What do we think? What do we know? What can we prove?

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