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    VA - Mother Uses Her Children To Help Her Shoplift, Henrico

    Henrico Police: Woman Allegedly Shoplifting With Children

    A Richmond woman is facing charges in Henrico County after allegedly using her three children to help her attempt to shoplift from an area department store.

    Police said 27-year-old Shakeerah Alexander was inside the K-Mart store in the 5400 block of Glenside Drive Sunday with her 11,10 and 2-year-old children. Police said the suspect put various items inside three shopping carts, then paid for one item at a register.

    Alexander then allegedly tried to use the receipt to verify the purchase of the other items after one of her children, pushing a cart from the store, was stopped.

    Alexander is facing several charges, including three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. All three children were released to the suspect's mother.

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    mother of the year canidate.

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    wow, supermom, rides again.
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    A few years back, there was a case here like that one. The mom was shoplifting VHS tapes with her children AND kids she babysat! Yes, she was a child care provider TOO! Come to find out, I knew this woman! Not real well, but her kids and mine were in sporting events together. I was truly SHOCKED! She seemed like just your average soccer mom!

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    I think this happens a lot!! Many children growing up are not taught stealing is wrong, in fact they are encouraged to steal at a very young age and that's just the way it is. Someone with a baby in a stroller, diaper bags etc I can see how it would be easy to tuck something away and we all end up paying for it because the stores pass on the cost of whats lost.

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