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    OR - 13 yr. old boy arrested for arson/cutting power poles/felling trees onto Hwy.


    Sandy [OR] boy, 13, accused of arson, cutting power poles and felling trees onto U.S. 26

    "Investigators believe a 13-year-old Sandy [OR] boy waged a four-month reign of arson and chain saw destruction that caused crashes on U.S. 26 and blacked out residential neighborhoods east of Sandy.

    The slight, brown-haired seventh-grader sat silently Wednesday in Clackamas County Juvenile Court as Judge Deanne L. Darling explained that he could face several years of juvenile detention if convicted. He is charged with burglary, arson, criminal mischief and reckless burning in a March 15 fire that burned a shed.

    Darling ordered the boy, a seventh-grader at Cedar Ridge Middle School in Sandy, to remain in the Donald E. Long Detention Center in Portland while juvenile authorities evaluate his case. He is scheduled to return to court May 17.

    Meanwhile, Clackamas County sheriff's detectives are investigating the boy in the illegal cutting of 20 trees and power poles during late-night chain saw forays. The incidents, including the dropping of several trees onto U.S. 26, caused thousands of dollars in damage and threatened motorists who must drive on unlighted stretches of the highway....."

    more at link

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    Indeed, I hope this boy gets the help that he needs, cause this kind of behavior seems to hint at sociopathy to me. Hopefully I am wrong, but there have been more than a few cases here where the convicted murderer had priors quite like these in their history before escalating to homocide. I hope treatment is enough because at this age, he probably won't have a very long punishment.

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    if he's a sociopath there's no cure for it

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