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    Youth Pastor Gets 3 Years In Prison For Assaulting Teen

    No doubt all the youth thought their Rocklin Youth Pastor was a cool guy. So cool he's getting three years in prison for the continued sexual assault of a 14 year old girl who is a member of his Church.

    Pastor "JayDub" is 33 years old. Jeffrey Allen Waisner according to the victims crying mother sent her daughter 4,00 text messages in one month. Oh and he also promised to leave his wife and kids for her. This is a 14 year old now.

    The good pervy pastor "carrried on a sexual affair" (medias words) with this guy for quite sometime and had her sneak out of her parents home to go on a lil trip to San Fran with him. This poor kid to this day thinks he loves her and goes to therapy daily. No doubt.

    The child's lawyer is thinking about a civil suit. Hate to tell him, but money will not heal this child. However as part of his pleaing out the guy has to pay $200.00 as will be on parole as well as an RSO. What the $200.00 is for? Not therapy costs that's for sure.

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