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    NJ - Keith Wright, 22, shot to death, Millville, 29 April 2010

    Bridgeton man charged in Thursday's homicide in Millville arraigned, has bail reduced
    By Matt Dunn
    April 30, 2010, 3:06PM

    Robert Robinson enters court Friday for his arraignment in the murder of Keith Wright.

    MILLVILLE — A Bridgeton man allegedly assaulted a pregnant woman before shooting dead 22-year-old Keith Wright Thursday on South 4th Street, according to prosecutors.

    Assistant Prosecutor John Jesperson said Friday that Robert C. Robinson, 20, of Fremont Avenue, attacked Angelica Wynder — who friends and family of Wright said was the mother of Robinson’s child — in two separate incidents.

    In the first incident Wednesday, he used his fists, according to prosecutors.

    In the second incident early Thursday morning at Wynder’s home on South 4th Street, Robinson allegedly kicked Wynder in the stomach, Jesperson said.

    Wright, who lived across the street from Wynder, became involved in the second incident.

    He was shot dead as a result — although Jesperson said the details of what occurred are still under investigation.

    “The two incidents are related,” he said.

    Defense attorney Ronald Thompson said that Robinson was “viciously attacked,” although he admitted that information was based off word on the street and was essentially hearsay.

    Jesperson would not say if Wynder, who was not hospitalized as a result of Thursday’s attack, gave a statement to police.

    Those close to Wright said that police took her from her home Thursday morning.

    Robinson turned himself in to police Thursday evening, according to Thompson.

    He appeared in Superior Court on Friday for an initial appearance on charges of murder, unlawful firearm possession, possession of a firearm without a permit, simple assault and aggravated assault.

    Superior Court Judge Robert Becker reduced Robinson’s bail from $550,000 — $500,000 for murder and $50,000 for aggravated assault — to $500,000 blanket bail on all the charges.

    “The defense counsel has the right to file a bail motion,” he stated, which Thompson said after the hearing he intended to do.

    Thompson pointed out to Becker that Robinson willingly turned himself in to the police.

    “Mr. Robinson, knowing the police were looking for him, walked up to the Millville Police Department, up to the dispatcher, and said ‘My name is Robert Robinson. I understand you are looking for me,” he said.

    Jesperson responded that Robinson initially fled the scene of Wright’s shooting and that he was already being sought by the police on the simple assault charge.

    “This is a very serious charge and I ask that the bail remain,” he said.

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    How sad.

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    From May 2013:


    A city man was found not guilty in the death of a Millville man three years ago.

    A jury of eight women and four men announced its verdict Tuesday following the six-week trial of Robert Robinson, 23, who was charged in the shooting death of 22-year-old Keith Wright.

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