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Thread: HLN - Issues with JVM - May 4 7PM ET

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    HLN - Issues with JVM - May 4 7PM ET

    According to JVM's Facebook page, Amber's mom was going to be on the show tonight, but it's been rescheduled to tomorrow (May 4) due to a conflict.

    May 4: Issues with JVM on HLN at 7PM ET
    "Inside a parent's worst nightmare: Amber Dubois was abducted while walking to school. One year later this beautiful 14-year-old girl was found brutally raped and murdered. Now her killer is speaking out from behind bars. Tonight: Iíll talk one-on-one with Amber's angry, devastated mother! Could it have been avoided?"

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    It made me sad to see Amber's mom. She is so sad and really suffering. I wish there was a way for her to get the answers she needs from Gardner without actually meeting with him. Maybe a statement through his attorney?? I just feel for her to meet privately with Gardner would be detrimental to her. Plus he is such a liar that I don't know if you could believe anything he says, anyway.

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