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    CA - Anaheim, Male UID, Oct'04 - Identified per Doe

    This poor man was identified, here's his doe network profile:


    also can be found at the orange county coroner: www.ocsd.org (warning morgue photos at link)
    A few others at that site now identified but I haven't found a name for this one. I wondered about him because it seemed so sad, obviously a suicide. My guess is he was terminally ill with cancer...
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    Found the link were he is listed as identified at the ocsd site.

    Did you have information that this was a suicide? The Ocsd site says undetermined COD.

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    I thought i'd read that he was found floating, so it sounded like a suicide. Also, the chances are if you've had recent surgery with staples still in, you're not going to go swimming in the ocean....

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    Could have been an accident, however. Slipped off the jetty or something. It's easy to do, especially if he was still somewhat weakened from the surgery.

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