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    CA - Gracie Johnson, 5 mos, disabled, found dead, Rancho Cordova, 30 April 2010

    Mother arrested in baby’s death
    Posted on 05 May 2010.

    Jennifer Derose Blanchette was arrested for the death of her 5-month old baby.


    The 40 year old mother allowed deputies and Child Protective Services to enter the apartment. The authorities quickly located the body of the 5 month old. The Sacramento County coroner identified the child as Gracie Lynn Johnson.

    An investigation of Jennifer Derose Blanchette was initially opened April 8th. A family member had called the Rancho Cordova Police Department to check on the child. Deputies determined Blanchette was adequately caring for the child at that time. Those officers did report the mother to CPS for a follow up.

    On April 30th, CPS and a Rancho Cordova police officer went to Blachette’s home again. They found the dead baby in a bassinet. The baby had been dead for at least a week. The coroner has not identified the cause of death. The child was a special needs baby and was born with a number of birth defects.


    Rest in peace, little Grace Lynn.

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    Mom On Suicide Watch After Death Of Baby
    May 4, 2010 5:03 pm US/Pacific

    "The baby was a special needs baby and was born with a number of birth defects, and the hospital required them to take some classes to let them know she would be able to care for the baby," said Sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Tim Curran. "She should have provided for the care of the baby and she did not."

    Gracie Lynn's father, Matthew Johnson, said his daughter had hydrocephalus and wasn't born with an esophagus. "Gracie probably wasn't going to make it too long anyway," he said.

    Courtney Baldwin, who lives in the apartment above where Blanchette lived, was in tears when she told CBS13 she witnessed behavior that she now believes showed the suspect's neglect for the baby.

    "[Blanchette] would go to the office and watch cable for hours, without the baby," Baldwin said. "Probably because she couldn't stand the smell, you know?"


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    Mother arrested after baby is found dead in Rancho Cordova home
    Wednesday, May. 5, 2010 - 12:00 am

    Neighbors said they heard officers banging on the door before kicking it down. Neighbors said they heard deputies threatening to take the child away because Blanchette seemed intoxicated.

    Lindsay Cofield, who lives diagonally above Blanchette's apartment, said she heard Blanchette saying, "You are not going to take my baby. I'm her mother. She's the only thing that's keeping me alive."


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    way to rationalize 'dad'.

    what two pathetic excuses for parents.

    if you couldnt care for her give her up to people who could

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    Rest in Peace Baby Gracie, you are in the arms of angels now.

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    So it looks like CPS was there April 8 and the poor baby was dead 2 weeks later.

    It's so upsetting when a baby could be saved, and they're not.

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