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    FL - Mother Accused Of Stealing From Store & Leaving Terrified Toddler Behind

    Mom In Court On Theft, Neglect Charges
    POSTED: Wednesday, May 5, 2010
    UPDATED: 8:00 pm EDT May 5, 2010

    Jacksonville Sheriff's Office booking photo of Warnisha Douglass

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A 22-year-old mother accused of stealing from a Mandarin store and leaving her 2-year-old daughter behind appeared in court Wednesday morning.

    Police said Warnisha Douglass left her toddler at the Burlington Coat Factory on Old St. Augustine Road after she stole $55 worth of clothes Tuesday afternoon.

    Douglass is facing charges of petty theft and child neglect after police said she abandoned her child while trying to get away. She was released Wednesday afternoon on $2,200 bond.

    Workers at the store said the toddler was terrified and standing at the door crying when her mother took off running without her.
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    from the above linked article:

    The reports said Douglass told police she couldn't go back to get her daughter because of the stolen merchandise. Hmmm so stolen goods are worth more than your child? Yikes!

    The other thing that concerns me, is the article states DCF placed this 2 year old with her great grandmother. I am always concerned over the elderly caring for toddlers. I wonder if this is really the best place for this child, or if foster care wouldn't be a better alternative. I'm not saying those in their 70's and older are not capable of caring for a child, but I have to wonder based on the longevitiy of the home for the child at this point..... and then is it really always best for a child to be placed with family as the first choice rather than foster care.


    ETA: I don't know how old the great grandmother is in this case.... and I used 70 as a base point for being a great grandparent. Of course one could technically be a great grandparent much younger than 70.
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