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    Dad arrested after getting 5yo daughter drunk

    I just don't know what's wrong with people.

    Police: Father arrested after 5-year-old given alcohol
    MAY 7, 2010

    According to the police report, the girl's mother told her daughter that she could go to her father's home around noon on Sunday while she was at work. The woman said that the girl returned home around 8:15 p.m., and when she got out of her father's vehicle, she was "acting kind of funny" and was unable to keep her balance.

    The girl told her mother she'd been at a party with her father, the police report states. The mother said the girl appeared to be intoxicated, and a short time later the child was unable to control her body movements.

    The mother had the child lie down on a couch, but the girl began to vomit. The mother called 911.

    The woman said her daughter was drinking from a plastic bottle marked "Tum-E Yummies," and that it smelled of alcohol when she got out of her father's vehicle. When police arrived, they noticed that the girl's eyes were rolled to the back of her head and that her body was limp.


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    Egads. Did the dad somehow think this was cute or funny? If she had ingested so much alcohol that her eyes were rolled up in her head and she was limp, he should be charged with attempted murder. I hope the little girl is okay and doesn't have alcohol poisoning, which seems a very definite possibility here. Is the man so stupid that he doesn't know someone can die from alcohol poisoning?

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    I totally expected this to be some 22 year old irresponsible father. He's 49 years old for crying out loud. He's certainly old enough to know better.


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    why do we assume when parents mess up they are young?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kbl8201 View Post
    why do we assume when parents mess up they are young?
    So true. We want to feel that as we age, we gain powerful helpful knowlege to parent. Too bad it is not always the case!

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    Great parenting. I'm continually amazed by people.

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    Excellent. He also has warrants for forgery and something else.

    Here's a question. The mom said the child could go to her father's home around noon while she was at work. How'd the kid get there? Did the father call and ask her to come to his house?

    Why, why, why didn't the mother communicate with the father?

    Gotta love some people.

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