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    CA - Mom fakes kidnapping to leave 5 kids & run away to boyfriend

    I guess this is going to be the new thing to do. Sheesh.

    Modesto Police: Orange County woman made up story of alleged kidnap
    Friday, May. 07, 2010

    An Orange County woman who claimed she was kidnapped in Modesto apparently made up the story to hide the fact that she had abandoned her family, which includes five children, ages 8 months to 8 years old, authorities said this morning.

    Modesto police say she wanted to be with her boyfriend, and had been living with the man the past two weeks in the 300 block of East Coolidge Avenue.
    On Thursday, the two apparently had a dispute and thatís when she left the home and called police, telling them she had been held against her will.


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    Poor kids, I can only wonder what they were thinking. How long would she have stayed away if she and her boyfriend hadn't had the fight?

    She told police she'd been "starved." Really? Is that what they call a meth binge now?

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    then she compounds it by telling the cops her boyfriend held her against her will.

    throw the book at her sorry butt

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    If she was held against her will then how the heck did she leave the house and call the cops?

    It took a measely two weeks for them to have a fight?

    Jesus take the wheel.

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    What really irks me about these type of cases is that it can hinder the seriousness in which media and the general pubic at large (not here at WS) can view cases of missing Moms.

    That is the greatest injustice for her pulling this second only to the emotional pain and turmoil she put her children though.

    Shame on her.

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    Frankly, I'd rather see her abandon her kids to family then: 1) Kill her kids as many mothers have done, just so she can be "free" or be with some guy, or; 2) Subject her kids to her new guy and then put up with his abuse of her children - another disgusting phenomena we unfortunately see a lot of.
    This woman's poor kids probably got a gift when she left them. It could have been much, much worse.
    For Travis Alexander, a human being.

    *Gitana (means "Gypsy girl"). Pronounced "hee tah nah."

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