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    UT - David Jaramillo, 21, & Lloyd Reese, 14, Salt Lake City, 3 June 1985

    Case of missing Salt Lake men reopened after 25 years

    The Salt Lake Police Department's cold case and missing persons unit is taking a fresh look at the case of the two young men who disappeared on June 3, 1985.

    On that day, 21-year-old David Jaramillo and 14-year-old Lloyd Reese left Reese's home, 173 E. 1700 South, with two other friends to go to East Canyon Reservoir. At some point during their outing, Jaramillo and Reese became separated from the other two. Because no one at that time owned a cell phone, the two other friends had to drive back down the canyon before calling police to report them missing.

    Since then, investigators have found no trace of Jaramillo or Reese. The case is officially listed as a missing persons investigation. Detectives have no clues as to whether the duo were the victims of criminal activity or fell victim to an accident.


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    Separated How?

    I think the how of why these boys were separated with their friends is important, especially if they were boating. Why don't I ever hear that part of the story?

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    I think the police are keeping this secret because they need to separate good (real) tips from cranks...i.e. facts only the perpetrator(s) would know. This must be a very important part of the story...how (or why?) they got separated from the other two (I assume 2?) friends. Sounds like a major piece in the puzzle. Were they truly "boating"/ who owned the boat? Supposedly there was a "Brown Datsun B-210". No way can those things pull a boat.
    We all know that kooks read the papers and make a confession using facts that have been printed or broadcasted.

    Having lived in SLC off and on (but not during this time frame) I became interested in this very baffling case. And yes, I think there's more background information than the public has been told.

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    I would assume they were fishing, swimming, or hiking instead of boating, perhaps mostly just hanging around. The reservoir is part of a state park, and the (current) web site lists picnic pavilions, beach access, swimming, and hiking as some of the amenities.

    So, I don't think it would be unusual to get separated from the other friends. I do think it's unusual that a 14-yr-old went off for the day with a 21-yr-old man, and I'd be curious to know the ages of the other friends. I wouldn't say it's automatically creepy, but a bit curious for sure.

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    I share your curiosity on the age difference...From what I've read (and I don't know/never knew either of the 2 fellows nor their families) it sounds like Reese was a pretty intelligent kid, was mature beyond his years and had a lot of charisma. It sounds like people took to him easily and liked him. He must have been fun to be with. But still... for a friendship to come to be, there must be something each party gets from the relationship. Were they both partiers? It said that Reese like to play "pretend guitar" to his favorite rock songs. So I am guessing the two did not form a rock band. So what was the commonality? Perhaps that's key?

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