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    4yo Brother Chases Attempted Kidnapper/Rapist of 6yo Sister

    Man Pleads Guilty to Trying to Kidnap and Rape a Child
    May 11, 2010 12:53 PM

    In May of 2009 Mizell lured the girl from her family at the Ace Hardware store on East Brainerd Road.

    Initial testimony revealed the girl's four year-old-brother chased Mizell, as Mizell gripped her against his stomach.

    The girl's grandfather then picked up a concrete block and threatened Mizell. She was able to escape.


    This little boy is my hero of the year!!!

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    God bless his little soul, he is a hero.
    Happy New Years

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    Amazing little guy! Kids can have such great instincts. Don't try to mess with this girl with her little brother or her concrete block-wielding granddad around! BTW, isn't a hardware store the *last* place you'd want to commit a crime like this?? There are potential weapons throughout every inch of the place!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by southernbrunette View Post
    Pedophiles/opportunists don't think about anything but seizing their prey. This little boy just made me do the happy dance.

    Agreed. He made me do the happy dance too. Also made me wonder if 20 or so years from now he'll have decided to go into law enforcement based on this experience. Wouldn't that be cool? Not sure that we'd ever know, but perhaps if he does those who he is in contact with will know why he made that career choice if he does. Whatever he decides to do he is one brave little man! Great job for helping your big sis' and grandpa!

    Also glad the perp pled guilty.... wish more would do so.

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    Whoa! This little boy didn't just chase down some guy. This is a seriously dangerous, big dude.

    Nothing like having a brother no matter what age watching your back. Thank God this little girl is O.K.

    Here's Mizell's Myspace. I don't even know where to begin.


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    Quote Originally Posted by southernbrunette View Post
    Holy disgusting ew gross batman!! Wigglesworth? Ugh I hope more people start chasing this guy...with pitchforks!
    Right? Weird you would mention pitchforks as you can see this guy has some conflict between his good self and evil self.

    He thinks finding a good woman will help him conquer his whatever he calls it. Obviously the man is sick. He can't trust himself. Once again it is up to us to be responsible for our children.

    Not to go on a string but no joke my DD and nephews all now grown are still making fun of how protective I was. If I was in an Ace Hardware store I am not kidding they'd have been attached to me. It's a sad way to live. It's also not feasible for many families, but nobody was getting scooped up or drug out or attacked on my watch.

    That little brother is the bestest. BTW, that's this guy's Myspace page present. Like right before he went in the other day. Glad to see he was optomistic. He ought to be thanking that little kid or he just might be doing life. Then again I'd say give him life because he's going to do it again.

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