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    MA - Massachusetts Couple Charged With Raping Teen

    WORCESTER — The victim of a rape that the prosecution described as “disgusting, revolting and premeditated” had a message for the man sentenced yesterday in court for attacking her.

    “Yes, I was victimized by you,” the victim, now 18, said in an impact statement read by Assistant District Attorney Anthony J. Marotta. “I am no victim. I am not your victim. I am a survivor.”

    Robert S. Cockerline, 23, of 230 Sterling St., Clinton, and his girlfriend at the time of the July 26 attack in Clinton, Jerrica A. Gray, 20, of 120 Lawrence St., Fitchburg, each pleaded guilty to rape charges stemming from the sexual assault.

    Judge Peter W. Agnes Jr. sentenced Mr. Cockerline to serve 12 to 15 years in prison for two counts of aggravated rape and Ms. Gray to 5 to 8 years in prison for the same charges.


    I'm glad these two were charged but it is a bit concerning to me that the woman, who was charged with the same crime, was sentenced to half the time of her male counterpart. I understand Gray had problems in the past but considering she was the one who lured the teen in and held her down, I think she holds equal responsibility with Cockerline.

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    hmg - I agree completely. This is a pattern I have been seeing in many of the cases. Women always seem to get lesser sentences, but this is a great, stark comparison of disparate sentences for the same offense.

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