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    KY - Hopkinsville, HispMale UP97, 30-40, hanged in tobacco barn, Jan'02

    I'm sorry if this is a duplicate, my search function isn't working (it says I don't have permission).


    This case bothers me, because it is one of at least 2 where the man is found hanging (they've taken that out of his description since the last time I read it). He was found in 2002, they think he could've been there from 2001-2002. He's approximately 30-40 and approximately 57", but they had no weight estimation.

    I tried searching for the name that was in the pocket, but didn't find anyone (Louis Rlanco/Blanco and I've tried substituting "i" for the "l" and also spelling "Louis" like "Luis").

    Should I start looking for missing Hispanic men from the area? This is the first time I've done this, and I'm doing it because I can't get these men out of my head. They didn't deserve to die this horrific way, and I think that as long as there are people who know what happened to them, someone should be looking to identify them and tell their stories. However, I'm a little afraid of contacting the local authorities here due to problems we had in the past after calling in domestic violence for our neighbor.
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    I am from this area and am familiar with this case - he was found hanging in a tobacco barn. There are alot of Hispanics who travel to this area for farm work and not all are legal. With that said, the name in the pocket could very well be the name he was using and not his real name. The Hispanics were very migratory in Hopkinsville during this time - they stayed while the work was plentiful then moved on to another area until the next season's crops were planted. Many of the farmers were not very diligent about work authorization so I would assume that many of the workers were not legal and using someone else's identity.

    I know that does not give you much to work with but I wanted you to realize how difficult it would be to ID a Hispanic farmworker considering that there is a very good chance that he was not working legally and any friends of his would be unlikely to point out his real name if it would mean exposing thier deception (I work with a large hispanic population and am used to how private they are - especially if they are using someone else's documents).

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    Thank you for your post.

    I'm afraid you're right. I was thinking about it last night again, after trying to find missing persons reports for Hispanic men. It's horrible that these poor workers can't even expect to have their lives respected.

    It's wrong, that these men are not spoken for and given justice. It's terrifying to think that they are being hung, and no one is doing anything about it. I wish there were a way to speak anonymously with the migrant workers, but I am sure that anonymity was used as a lie in the past to arrest some of them.

    I think I'll keep looking, but that I won't have my hopes up. Maybe once we leave the state we can start a memorial page for them, so they at least are not forgotten, even if we never know their names. I feel so bad for them, no one deserves to die this way.

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