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    Thumbs down L A dropping ball big time on child abuse tips


    L A County has a child abuse tip hot line. Seems like a good idea, doesnít it? Trouble is, they donít seem to pay a lot of attention to it.

    State regs require that these things be looked into effectively within 30 to 60 days. It seems that tips involving more than 18,000 have not made that deadline recently. The excuse given (which may even be correct) is that the county simply does not have enough staff to investigate all the tips in a timely manner. There are about 3,700 cases currently open that have exceeded the 60 day time. It seems that many of them are directly linked to the section that handles (at least theoretically) emergency responses.

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    Scary. All those allegations, sitting in a pile on a desk somewhere, not being followed up.
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    Sadly, the bottom line on this, as everything else in CA these days, is dollars. They don't have the staff to put in the man hours needed for these calls, and they can't afford to hire more. Pathetic.

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