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    IA - Amanda Daniels, 19, Cedar Rapids, May 2010


    Posted: Monday, May 17, 2010 9:45 am | (0) Comments

    .CEDAR RAPIDS --- After reviewing store surveillance video the Cedar Rapids Police Department is now investigating the case as a kidnapping.

    The video shows a white male enter the store and physically force the clerk, Amanda Daniels, from the store. The assailant is described as being a white male, older in age, medium build, wearing dark pants and light colored shirt. He was last seen forcing Daniels to leave with him on foot in an unknown direction. We are working on getting a picture of the assailant and of the victim. It will be sent as soon as possible.

    Cedar Rapids Police were called to the Kwik Shop at 1001 1 Ave West at about 4:20 a.m. today to check on the welfare of a clerk. A delivery person was at the store and no one was inside. The clerk, Amanda Daniels/19, was not in the store. Daniels is described as a white female, 5'5", 120 pounds with long sandy brown hair.

    If you have any information regarding her disappearance, please call the Cedar Rapids Police Department at 319-286-5400.
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    Sgt. Cristy Hamblin said surveillance images show the suspect, an older white male, taking Daniel out the front door at 4 a.m.

    “He’s got a hold of her and is marching her out the store,” Hamblin said. The direction they were going is not known.


    Article includes video showing store

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    CR Store Clerk: Missing

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    Update: CBS 2 reporter Robert Price is on scene where police say 19-year-old Amanda Daniel has been found alive in a Cedar Rapids apartment building in the area of 7th Avenue and 15th Street Southwest. Daniel has been taken to the hospital. The suspect has also been taken to the hospital on a gurney.

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    Quote Originally Posted by summer_breeze View Post
    Praise the Lord she was found SAFE!

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    Breaking News Update: A kidnapping victim and the man that allegedly took her from her work are both in the hospital tonight.

    19-year-old Amanda Daniel was found alive in a Cedar Rapids apartment building in the area of 7th Avenue and 15th Street Southwest. Daniel was taken to the hospital.

    The suspect, Keith Van Elson has also been taken to the hospital on a gurney, with a stab wound to the chest.


    ETA: In the video on the front page, the reporter says Amanda has scrapes and bruises, but is okay. They don't know who the abductor is, or if he has any association to Amanda. He was alive, alert, talking, but taken to the hospital on a gurney.
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    Cedar Rapids clerk appears to have fought, stabbed her kidnapper
    by DAR DANIELSON on MAY 17, 2010

    Cedar Rapids police have released more details on the kidnapping and recovery of a Cedar Rapids convenience store clerk.


    Officers then found a key clue outside the store. Hamblin says they found a bicycle at the store and people at other businesses told them that the bike belonged to Keith Van Elson Junior. She says they’re pleased that people were able to identify the bicycle and point them in the right direction.

    Officers went to the four-plex where Van Elson lives and found another clue. She says officers got there and went to his apartment and found blood on the door. Officers knocked on the door and heard a female inside yelling for help.

    Hamblin says officers entered the apartment and found Van Elson in the living room with a stab wound to his chest. They also found Amanda Daniel barricaded in the bathroom of the apartment. Hamblin says Van Elson did have a knife that was used to force Daniel from the store, but she does not know if it’s the same knife used to stab him. While it appears there was a struggle between Daniel and Van Elson, Hamblin says they are still waiting to piece everything together as Daniel was very traumatized by the whole thing.

    “With any victim of crime, we never like to push them real hard, because they’ve already experienced something traumatic enough and to have to re-tell is it really asking them to relive the whole thing,” Hamblin says. She says the try to be sensitive to the victim and not force them to tell the story right away, while still getting the information in a timely matter.

    Hamblin says both Daniel and Van Elson remain in the hospital. Hamblin says Daniel has some serious injuries, including cuts to her hand and bruises. Van Elson has the stab wound to his chest, but she says it does not appear to be life threatening. Hamblin says officers are watching over Van Elson in the hospital, and he has not been charged at this time. Hamblin says a city ordinance also helped them solve this crime.


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    Police: Suspect's Bicycle Leads Officers to Victim in Cedar Rapids Kidnapping
    Story Updated: May 17, 2010 at 5:32 PM CDT

    Daniel was taken out of the apartment on a stretcher with minor injuries, such as cuts and bruises.

    Sgt. Cristy Hamblin said Elson is undergoing surgery and that charges against him are pending. Hamblin said police will provide security at the hospital to monitor him.

    "We don't know whether she stabbed him or if it was self-inflicted," Hamblin said.

    Previous Trouble
    Daniel had worked as a clerk at the store for about eight months and Elson was one of the regular customers, family members told TV9. Recently, Daniel told her sister about customers who had harassed her at the store, according to Daniel’s cousin, Desirae Daniel.

    "Amanda's had a couple guys come in and give her crap lately," said Desirae Daniel, 24, of Cedar Rapids. "She had one guy grab her butt. That's why she doesn't work Friday or Saturday nights anymore."

    Police were still investigating to determine whether Daniel had been sexually assaulted.

    “She’s been through such a traumatic ordeal,” Hamblin said. “Now time is on our side, so we’re taking our time as we interview her.”

    Desirae Daniel said her aunt stopped at the store a few hours before the kidnapping and was waiting for customers to leave before Amanda would come outside to smoke. The aunt said the man later identified as Elson left the store without buying anything then and walked around the side of the building.

    Who is Elson?
    Elson had lived in the apartment on 7th Ave. SW since April 1, according to manager Tony Hocamp, of Marengo. Elson was about to be evicted for not paying his rent and falsifying his application, Hocamp said. A court date for the eviction was scheduled for this Wednesday.

    Elson, has had trouble with the law in the past. An online search yielded dozens of cases including domestic abuse assault instances last year. He also led police on a car chase in 1993 that extended for 30 blocks in Cedar Rapids. Police have arrested Elson previously for getting into a fight with his brother as well as his role in a Coralville fight with another man who tried to cut him with a meat cleaver.


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    Wow...Look how simple this was..taking her. I know he had a knife and everything but still.. It makes me so angry this creep got her to his home. This poor girl...Thank God shes alive..That deliveryman is her hero! LE wasted no time finding out who he was because of suspects bike left behind!

    Great Job LE
    The World Has Gone Mad.

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    This girls courage makes my heart sing!!!!! I am so glad she lived through this. I hope it makes some other wannabe kidnapper take note that it might not end up so well for them.

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    Kidnapping Victim Returns to Scene of Crime with Police
    Story Created: May 18, 2010 at 9:13 PM CDT
    Story Updated: May 18, 2010 at 10:17 PM CDT

    One day after she was kidnapped, Amanda Daniel returned to the apartment building in southwest Cedar Rapids where police said she was taken by her abductor.


    Daniel spent the afternoon at Mercy Medical Center. She was treated for bumps and scratches and was discharged later in the day.

    Around mid-day Tuesday, Daniel walked across the church parking lot next door to the apartment building, explaining to an investigator how she got to Elson’s residence.

    A police officer was posted at the top of the stairs next to Elson’s splintered doorway, two cans of Pepsi under his chair.


    Meanwhile, Elson remained in a hospital bed at St. Luke’s Hospital after surgery for a stab wound to the chest. Police did not release any new details about the case Tuesday, including how he acquired the stab wound, but there has been speculation that Daniel fought back against Elson.

    Police Lt. Kenneth Washburn said Elson’s wounds were serious but not life-threatening. An officer is standing by to monitor him 24 hours, and he will be arrested when he is released, police said.

    Sgt. Cristy Hamblin, a police spokeswoman, said it was not known when Elson would be released from the hospital.

    Attempts to reach Elson’s family members on Tuesday were unsuccessful. Elson’s father, Keith Elson, Sr., did not respond to interview requests, but a woman at his employer said the father had not been in contact with his son for several years.

    Daniel has declined interview requests. But it appeared Tuesday that police were getting immediate help with their investigation.

    “From the little I know about her, she has just got to be the strongest young lady,” Hamblin said.


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    More Information About Cedar Rapids Kidnapping Suspect
    Story Created: May 19, 2010 at 6:28 PM CDT
    Story Updated: May 19, 2010 at 6:39 PM CDT


    Cedar Rapids police say they don't know when Elson will get out of St. Luke's Hospital. When he does, he'll face charges for the kidnapping.

    Neighbors say when Keith Elson Jr. moved into the apartment, they noticed he kept to himself and was up all hours of the day.


    Patrick Blin says Elson moved in just weeks ago, and already had the landlord knocking on his door. The manager of the complex told TV9 they were in the process of evicting Elson because he didn't pay his rent.

    The manager also said Elson said he was moving back to Iowa from a different state. But actually, he was in prison for domestic assault.

    Iowa Department of Corrections records show Elson's prison sentence ended March 31st. Elson moved into the Cedar Rapids apartment April 1st.

    Blin and another neighbor say he lied about where he worked. Elson had business cards for a company called Trees Plus in North Liberty. We tried to find it at the address on the card, 1799 Curtis Bridge Road. There is no tree trimming business there, and the Johnson County Assessor office says 1799 Curtis Bridge Road doesn't exist.

    In an earlier instance, Elson plead guilty to habitually driving while barred. Blin and others say he didn't have a car, and rode his bike everywhere. Investigators say they ended up tracking him through his bike, which they found at the gas station.

    In the last twist here, two of the neighbors we spoke with said they didn't hear any screaming or commotion Monday morning. Police said they arrived and heard Amanda Daniel screaming.


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    Kidnapper was addicted to drugs, ex-girlfriend said
    May 19, 2010

    Keith Van Elson is a decent man who turns into a monster on drugs, said his girlfriend of seven years, Carol Kubik.

    Elson, the man accused of kidnapping a 19-year-old girl from a southwest Cedar Rapids gas station early Monday morning, is still crushed by his failed marriage and a strained relationship with his father, and has turned increasingly to crack cocaine for escape over the past seven years, Kubik said.

    “He’s a great guy when he’s off that,” Kubik, 49, said from behind a glass wall at the Iowa County Jail in Marengo, where she is serving time for probation violation. Her last arrest was for public intoxication, but she was sober Wednesday when she agreed to an interview.

    She last saw Elson — who has twice been convicted of assaulting her — on April 13, she said. A no-contact order forbids them from seeing each other, but she visited him for three days anyway.

    They played Elvis Presley too loudly and Elson got into a tangle with the landlord over it. The last day she was there, he stole her ATM card, pulled $300 from her bank account, and told her to leave, Kubik said.

    Kubik said when he’s on drugs, Elson is “weird, mean and violent,” but he never sexually assaulted her in seven years.

    “We were happy for three or four,” she said.


    Kubik, a small woman with brown hair who lives in Oxford, is serving a jail sentence until June 3. She said Elson doesn’t have many friends, and fights depression. Her family has long told her to leave him, but she has always gone back.

    “I don’t understand why he took that girl,” she said. “I’m not going to go back to him after he did that.”


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    sheesh. At least she was found and found alive!
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    this is why it should be illegal for businesses to have a clerk working alone

    furthermore, she stopped working two night shifts b/c of harrassment and they still scheduled her on an overnight - wth?!

    and another thought - a delivery driver was there at 4 a.m.? that's very odd (unless it's a gas station and the driver was getting gas?)

    and his g/f doesn't think she'll get back with him now
    um, ya think? ... (I bet she does anyway )

    at least Amanda is safe - it appears she kicked his a** - you go girl!