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    OH - When A Girls Prom Goes Bad


    This might belong in the bizare thread so mods please move if needed.

    Police were called when a girl at her highschool prom started showing some very eratic behavior. Before it was all done, she'd banged her had against chairs, causing injury to herself and spit on an officer while handcuffed.

    With her spitting on the officer I think she can be looking at some serious charges.
    No mention of if there was something that could have brought on this behavior other than maybe drinking.

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    According to reports, Halter had already gotten her drunk on in a big way when she was approached and questioned by her principal, to which she responded:

    "You are ****ing *****es, this is my prom, I'm not drunk."


    Police were called to the scene, and girlfriend then refused a breathalyzer test. That's apparently when things got ugly!

    Halter attempted to SWING a chair at the cops, and then accidentally hit herself and got a nose bleed! The fuzz finally managed to handcuff her while she was "kicking, screaming, spitting and thrashing about."

    When that didn't work, she "let her legs go limp" and the cops had to carry her ass out of the prom. We can only that imagine she didn't take too kindly to that, because she then "cleared her throat and spit a bloody ball of spit" at one of the officers, and once secured in the cruiser, "continued to spit blood on windows, the divider, and the roof."

    Read More: Mugshot Hall Of Fame | PerezHilton.com http://perezhilton.com/2010-05-19-mu...#ixzz0oaW3CzFM
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    snipped from perez hilton.....lol, i read this the other day.....told my daughter "don't you even"

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    OMG, I read about this too. The mug shot is priceless!

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    If I was her mother.......

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    This girl even kicked the police officer, ripped his name tag off his uniform. I'd say she has quite a few charges. This part says so much she said "fu** this I'm 18 I'm out here" what a way to start adulthood sitting in jail. Also wonder if she were infact intoxicated if they found the person who supplied it, they to could be in trouble.

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    she looks more high than drunk IMO

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    Where the heck is her date?

    Here's her Myspace. It's private, but such a pretty girl. Those cops must have been so pizzzed.

    One would wonder if she had a little PCP with her slow gin fizz?


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