Mark Stallings did nine years in prison. Mark Stallings just got paroled. Mark Stallings brokeinto a shed and made it his home. Quite resourceful if not sad.

Mark Stallings aged 49 is a Level III Sex Offender and that shed is behind a Church with a Day Care in it. Hope United Methodist Church houses "A Great Start Preschool".

The woman that runs the little preschool noticed the shed had been damaged. She checked it and found Stallings so she called police and told him to stay put. Like all good sex offenders who follow their da*n condition of release he packed up and fled into the woods. Cops arrested him on several charges. Oh and he's in trouble for failing to register both home and work addy's.

By the way this article mentions Stallings has a glass eye. If that's so then prison isn't providing ocular prosthetics. They've been plastic for forever now.