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    CA - Stephanie McCabe, 44, Julian, 24 May 2010

    I received this alert on my cell phone this morning. (Nixle.com does this if you are unfamiliar..)


    Sheriff's Dept asking assistance to locate missing person at risk Stephanie Brehm-McCabe from Julian.
    Sheriff Bill Gore is asking the public’s assistance to locate Stephanie Brehm, a 44 year old resident of Julian.

    Stephanie was last seen May 24th at approximately 0800 after putting a knife to her wrist. While help was being sought, Stephanie left in her vehicle and has not been seen since. Shortly thereafter, she telephoned an acquaintance and left a message indicating she was intending to commit suicide.

    Stephanie left her residence in a white 1995 Chevrolet 1½-ton dual-wheel 12’ flatbed truck. Some of the paint is missing from the hood and the license plate number is 5C40340.

    In addition to San Diego Sheriff’s Deputies searching for Stephanie, ASTREA has been deployed and assistance has been offered by the California Highway Patrol and State Parks and Recreation personnel.

    Stephanie is an accomplished equestrian and is familiar with back roads and trails in both the Cleveland National Forest and Anza Borrego Desert State Park. When the search parameters have been narrowed, the department’s Search and Rescue Unit will be activated. The search thus far, has concentrated in the Cuyamaca and Mt. Laguna area.

    Stephanie Brehm-McCabe is further described as:
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5’ 7”
    Weight: 110 pounds
    Age: 44 years
    Scars/Marks/Tattoos: None

    Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Deputy Keith Dalton of the Julian Substation at (760) 765-4780 or via the Communications Center at (858) 565-5200.
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    Apparently, this woman was relatively well known in the community as a very, very charitable person. She runs a ranch that gives people with any condition a ranch 'experience' be it riding, petting zoo, etc.. She even has ridable mini horses for kids, and has given a mini horse away to fulfill someone's dream once. Sounds like an amazing lady, and actually, if this turns out well, I may have to take my girlfriend up there riding because the public can go there, pay for a ride, and the money goes toward the ranch for it's charity stuff.


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    Here is the link to the Leg Up Ranch Facebook Page.

    I hope Stephanie has reached out to someone for help, seems like such a neat person.
    Do we know why she is suicidal?
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    This link has a newer picture & poster link


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    Thursday, March 19, 2009 at 11:48am

    I think back, to the words that would change my family's life forever, "your son has leukemia." The feelings of shock, worry, and denial had to be put aside as we began a new journey of life down a path not chosen.

    Our four year old son Dylan, weakened by the disease that had overtaken his body, still had the strength driven by his anger to fight off the nurses as they inserted IV after IV. Confusion and fear showed clearly on his little face as he gazed up at me wondering, "mommy, why are they doing this to me?" I realized at that moment, that kids with a life-threatening illness are families with a life-threatening illness.

    It affects families emotionally, as well as financially. They need fun, laughter, courage, and memories and yet very often they cannot afford these types of experiences. Sometimes, these children are taken from us at such an early time in their lives. To let them live each day to it's full potential, and support the families in doing everything they can to enrich these children's short lives is the legacy our family would like to leave.

    My dream is to take the most joyous and empowering moments of my life, time with horses, and share this experience with children and their families who have been stricken with a life-threatening illness. I have created the "Leg-Up Ranch", a place for afflicted children to participate in therapeutic riding, enjoy life away from technology, and allow families to talk to each other. These families are bound by a common ground many cannot fathom.

    My family's hope and desire is that our passion, experience, and knowledge about horses, ranching and cancer, coupled with our beautiful Julian ranch, will fulfill many dreams.

    Sincerely, Stephanie Brehm - Founder/Operator

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    Volunteers Needed
    Julian resident, Stephanie Brehm-McCabe, has been missing from the Julian area since 7:30 am, May 24, 2010. Volunteers are needed to:

    Distribute flyers

    Search local highways and back roads

    Search horse trails

    Make phone calls

    Assist with identifying additional sources or coordinating efforts

    To volunteer, meet at Jess Martin Park (located at Hwy 79 and Hwy 78 in Julian, on Hwy 79 right before the post office) at one of the following times:

    Wednesday May 26 4:00 pm

    Thursday, May 27 7:00 am

    For more information contact:

    Gaylene Xanthopoulos 858-449-4349 or Gaylene@TheLeadershipEdge.com.

    Please see the attached flyer for more information.

    Stephanie (of the Leg Up Ranch)

    was last see at 7:30 am on Monday, May 24th, 2010

    She was driving a 1995 White Chevy 12 foot flatbed dual-wheel truck with paint missing on the hood.
    CA Licence # 5C40340
    DOB: July 7, 1965 (44 years old)

    Height: 5’7″, approximately 110#
    Straight blond hair and blue eyes.
    See Steph flyer
    If you have any information, please contact the Julian Sheriff’s Department at 760-765-4780 or 858-656-5200 (Case #10036625).
    Even if you can’t attend up here, please keep your eyes open, and pass the word around, and the flyers.

    Thanks for your kindness,

    Johnny and Diane Hake
    760-310-0206 or 760-310-0976

    Posted in Palomar Mountain News

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    I really hope this lady is ok....it sounds like she has already been through alot and is a caring person.....but it does not sound good.....

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    I hope she's ok too! I go to julian every year, and so I know the route pretty well. The chances are that there are only a few places she would be. To get out of Julian, you either head through the desert which takes you, essentially, nowhere but to Interstate 8 but only after a LONG drive... And I don't think you would take a 12 foot dualy out there. So that leaves the trek down the mountain through Ramona. From there, you go either to East County or to Escondido. I think most folks likely go to Escondido because it is significantly closer.. I live right next to Escondido, so I am keeping my eyes open for just such a truck. Hopefully it is more of a cry for attention than an actual threat to herself.. Most are, and most are hoping for 'rescue'.. but being able to be 'lost' like this makes me wonder if she wasn't serious about it..

    Something really had to be hurting her considering how she has reacted in the past to bad news (her son's leukemia..)

    Hope she is ok.. she provides a WONDERFUL service to San Diego that will be greatly missed!

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    Thinking positive thoughts and hoping for a good outcome for Stephanie.
    I see she and her husband divorced (or filed) in 2008. The ranch operation also seems to have gone through some changes, perhaps as a result of the divorce? With a sick child and that kind of upheaval in your life, stress level would be in the red zone.

    Literally no news out there other than the initial missing statement.

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    Ham Radio info and more from Stephanie's sister, Gaylene.

    No direction of travel is known, but Highway 79 south of Julian was her starting point. Stephanie's sister lives in La Jolla and her mother lives in Orange County. It is unknown whether she may have driven towards one of those locations.


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    That is some seriously rural and rugged terrain out there. Hopefully someone can remember a place that was special to her or that she had talked about at some point and narrow down the search area. I don't know if anyone has contact with the family, but this trail is fresh enough that it might be worth bringing a dog out that is trained in car/jump trailing and see if they couldn't at least get a direction of travel.

    ETA- Never mind on dogs and direction of travel, they've found the truck. Now it's dogs trailing from the truck time....

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    Her truck has been found by civilian searchers.

    San Diego SAR has taken over the search and HAM operators and volunteers are NOT needed right now.

    ETA- not sure why it was reported that she was not in the truck.
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    Is there a scanner thread for this one? Now that the vehicle has been found there might be more info on the scanners.

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    The body of Stephanie Brehm-McCabe, a 44-year-old Julian woman, was found this morning inside a vehicle matching the description of her Chevrolet truck. She was found at Inspiration Point, about three miles south of Julian. Positive identification on the body will come in the next few days from the county Medical Examiner's Office.

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