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    CA - Hawthorne man arrested on animal cruelty charges for alleged dog beating

    OMG this makes me cry.


    A Hawthorne man who allegedly kicked, beat and hanged his whimpering dog from a chain was taken to jail when neighbors heard the animal yelping for help, police said Tuesday.

    Ricardo Salvador Plascenia, 19, was booked on suspicion of animal cruelty Monday, shortly after neighbors heard

    his dog, MaryJane, screaming and crying, police said.
    The black 50-pound pit bull, which was slammed to the concrete in an alleged crime caught on video, was taken to an animal hospital. On Tuesday, she cowered in her cage but was said to be in good condition.

    "She's actually a very, very good girl," Hawthorne animal control officer Helen Coronel said. "She's very timid. I don't blame her."

    The District Attorney's Office today rejected immediate charges against Plascenia, saying more investigation -- specifically a medical report -- was needed before Plascenia can be taken to court.

    "We're waiting for the documentation of the injuries, if any, sustained by the victim animal," Deputy District Attorney Amy-Hannah

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    It's actually refreshing to read neighbors called the authorities for a screaming dog!

    Now...if we could just get them all to do the same, all the time, for children, women and animals whenever they're abused!

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    That poor sweet baby. Her POS "owner" is another one that needs locked up with the key destroyed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoveMyDogs View Post
    That poor sweet baby. Her POS "owner" is another one that needs locked up with the key destroyed.
    I hope they let us know how the dog is.The man, may he rot in he!!...
    My Buffy. He lives in Heaven now
    with my loved ones..xoxox

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