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    FL - Mom abandons baby on bus dad shows for hearing drunk

    Poor baby Gabriel. The little 2 year old girl was left on a public bus by her mother Gayle Kelson. Don't ask me her age because the Judge did and she's not certain. It's obvious this woman has psychological problems and has been treated for such in the past.

    Enter dad. Ronald Devers showed up for the temporary custody hearing soused. The Judge immediately saw that and asked if he'd been drinking "Yes, Sir I've had some drink" said Devers. Brilliant. The Judge got p*zzed and ordered the baby is going nowhere with him drunk and he wanted a drug test done before Devers left the building.

    Kelson boarded a bus and just left the 2 year old on it and she got off the bus. The driver was yelling at her to come back but she kept walking. Meanwhile Kelson's grandmom said she mustn't have taken her medication and that she was a good mother to her kids. Plural now. "She keeps them clean and everything" grandmom said.


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    Oh my

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    What a beautiful little girl. So sad that neither of her parents are capable of taking care of her. I think the mother tries (the little girl looked well taken care of from what I could see) and she can't be faulted for having a mental illness. All the more reason for dear old dad to step up to the plate. I'm almost glad he showed up to court drunk. If he hadn't he might have been able to take Gabriel home...and then get drunk.

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    Do I understand this right?
    This womans mother was also there in court and when the reporter tried to talk to her instead of saying anything she kissed the microphone?

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    well they both sound like drunks to me - yikes. And for grandmama to say - she keeps them clean and everything sounds pretty ignorant. It takes more than that to be a parent.



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    This whole family needs some help!

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    Oh gosh! Those kids are not safe with anyone in that family! Wow!

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    This story is just so sad and infuriating at the same time. It was reported here (on the local news) that LE had to "baker act" the mom the day of the incident. The Baker Act is involuntary committment because you are a threat to yourself or others. So, it was obvious to me that mom has problems.

    I saw the dad the other day - now to hear he shows up at court drunk!!! Wow - those poor children. Such is life here in sunny South Florida, I have to wonder why anyone would come here on vacation.

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    I wish diferent agencies communicated. If mom has some mental health issues and dad seems to have alcohol problems sever enough not to inhibit him from showing up at a hearing soused - I am willing to bet that public aid and/or disability are involved. If that is the case those agencies would have to know there are children inthe home being claimed. If that turns out to be the case, why don't those agencies report to DCF type agencies that there are these factors in this home and then DCF could keep an eye on the household?

    I know there is no evidence thus far that any agency is involved with this family and maybe this is too far OT and belongs on a complain about social services thread, but if these agencies would only communicate I feel alot of these cases could be headed off BEFORE a child is hurt or killed. This could have been a tragedy for the children involved. Thankfully one was "only" abandoned this time.
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    that little girl needs to be put with people who will love and care for her. this family is way beyond help.

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