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    Contacting Case Players

    Dear Websleuths Members,

    Recently several members have taken it upon themselves to contact very minor players in the Anthony case and the Cummings case.

    Please keep in mind and understand these poor people are going along minding their business when they get that phone call from you. Even if they know they are a part of the circus it still can shake people up to hear from total strangers asking them questions.

    I understand the people contacted by Websleuths Members have been invited to join Websleuths and talk about their situation.

    We welcome with open arms people involved who want to post but please remember, if you call someone you are not acting as a representative of Websleuths.com

    I have to make myself very clear here. If you choose to contact someone and invite them to join Websleuths you are doing this on your own with no input from the owner.

    Please understand, I do appreciate everyone's participation. Every day I come on this board and you all leave me speechless with your ability to find people, to take apart the evidence, and in general figure out what is going on. I bet many times you all figure out what is going on before LE does

    We just need to be careful and respect people and their privacy.

    Thanks for understanding.

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    Please do not post about contacting case players.

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    Bringing this over from Caylee's forum. Thanks for reviewing!

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    This is an excellent policy.

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