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    CA - Katrina Montgomery, 20, Los Angeles, 28 Nov 1992 *J. Merriman guilty*

    Katrina Montgomery

    Missing since November 28, 1992
    D.O.B August 29th 1972
    Height and weight 5'3 120
    Distinguishing marks: red hair, brown eyes, and a six inch birth mark on her upper right arm
    Last seen wearing: a white tee shirt and denim overalls

    Charley Project link: http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/...y_katrina.html

    Justin Merriman a member of the racist group the skin head dogs raped and sodomized Katrina at his house while two members of the racist group the Sylmar family Ryan Bush and his cousin Larry Nacassio were laying on the floor of Merriman's room. Bush and Nacassio say that after the rape Justin stabbed Katrina in the neck, slit her throat, and stomped her body to death. They were both younger and said they were too scared of Merriman to do anything to help Katrina.

    Merriman then made Bush and Nicassio get rid of Katrina's body. Bush and Nacassio drove her body to a rural area known as Sunset Farms. They shoved her body in a drainage ditch in a ravine. Unfortunately for Nacassio by the time the D.A was looking for Katrina Sunset Farms had been sold and Katrina's body had been buried by construction and it would be nearly impossible to find. She has never been found.

    Justin Merriman received the death penalty
    Larry Nicassio received three years
    Ryan Bush was never charged
    Beverlee Sue Merriman Justin's mother who Bush and Nicassio say saw the three boys carrying Katrina's dead body down the stairs was charged with conspiracy to dissuade and intimidate a witness.

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    State high court upholds death penalty for Ventura killer Justin Merriman
    10:45 AM, Aug 18, 2014
    The case was featured on “Dateline NBC” in 2002 because it was solved without a body or possession of the weapon used in the killing. The prosecutor was Ron Bamieh, now a defense attorney.
    “Justin Merriman is one of the most evil people I have ever encountered,” Bamieh said. “I know his health is poor, and I hope God takes him before the state does. He is an extremely violent and dangerous man who should never leave state prison, whether he gets the death penalty or not.”
    More about Merriman's appeal denial at link.

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