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Thread: 'Password' foils alleged kidnapping , Winnipeg Canada

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    'Password' foils alleged kidnapping , Winnipeg Canada

    'Password' foils alleged kidnapping

    WINNIPEG - A woman has been charged with trying to abduct a nine-year-old girl in Dauphin on Wednesday afternoon.

    Dauphin RCMP said the girl was walking home from school when a car pulled up near her. A woman got out of the vehicle and allegedly grabbed the girl by the arm.

    The woman told the girl her mother had asked her to pick her up, police said. The girl then asked the woman for a password, developed by her family as a safety plan. Police said the woman didn't respond and the girl broke free and ran to a safe place.

    A 38-year-old woman was arrested at her home in Ethelbert, northwest of Dauphin, on Thursday afternoon. Anita Karen Nissen has been charged with one count of abduction. She remains in custody and is scheduled to appear in Dauphin provincial court Monday.

    Nissen is not related to the girl but is known to her family, RCMP said. Investigators believe the incident was "isolated."

    Police encourage parents to develop safety plans, including passwords, to help protect their children.

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    Thank goodness she thought to check the password and didn't freeze in fear. How wonderful that the safety plan worked just as planned!

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    more families should develop this plan.

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    We have this and have had for some years now. I am so glad that little girl stayed cool and used it!

    All kinds of hugs!


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    We also had this plan when my son was young.

    I would think Canada will throw the book at this woman, as she well-deserves. This is exactly what happened to little Tori.

    Is it just me, or does it seem like women are committing more and more crimes of this sort - kidnapping, rape, torture?


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    How great that this little girl thought to ask for the password considering this woman was known to the family. They are the ones who put your children at most risk but also the ones who children are most likely to go with. How wonderful to hear some good news today. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

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    Good job little lady!

    As an aside another code word can be implemented when kids are older. Via telephone. We have one where if Lord forbid DD was held against her will and somebody made her call for whatever reason like "Tell your family this or that. Or get that PIN number from your parents" in conversation they throw in a code word.

    I don't recall the young girls name where her mom was a Professor and the girl went to get copies for her and the man pushed her into the car. He made her call her father for a PIN number and the dad said she was just fine. Sadly this poor young girl was murdered. A code word thrown in would have alerted the dad. It could be as simple as "Yeah daddy I wanted to get those RED SHOES I was telling you about". Something like that.

    Very glad this little girl used her instincts and what was taught to her.

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