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    Quote Originally Posted by Liz View Post
    Here's a snippet from today's New York Post about that:

    Federal agents trying to build an extortion case against Joran van der Sloot secretly gave him the cash that wound up funding his trip to Peru, where he killed a young woman exactly five years after the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, The Post has learned.

    Read more:

    I noticed that Patti posted above that Greta reported it was Beth's money.
    Who to believe ... Greta or NY Post? Not sure!

    "and agents decided to set him up with a $25,000 payoff, a source told The Post yesterday.

    An intermediary acting under the direction of the FBI gave van der Sloot the dough in Aruba on May 10"

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilJoePinto View Post
    That's what I'm hoping. I imagine he is very deeply regreting Peruvian police being able to delve into every little corner of his harddrive.
    If it's true that he reacted so violently to Stephanie over the computer then maybe there are many things on it that he doesn't want anyone to see. I can only imagine what type of websites he frequents alone... sick.

    I pray that laptop is going to take him down -- and hopefully a few of his buddies from Aruba along with him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patty G View Post
    Based on Greta's blogging, John Q. Kelly was in Aruba at the time of the hand-off of the money. So it may just be Beth's attorney, John Q. Kelly that handed Beth's money over to Joran while the FBI recorded the transaction. Perhaps there was an undercover US FBI agent in the room, however those finer details have yet to come forward.
    BBM... that's another fine detail that has yet to come out as far as I know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suzihawk View Post
    BBM... that's another fine detail that has yet to come out as far as I know.
    Yup and that is what I stated also!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lexington View Post
    From the article it seems that Joran told the police that he used marijuana, but tox tests show that cocaine was in his system also. He's even lying about that. Also, from what I can decipher from the article Stephany had drugs in her system without saying which drugs, but I am assuming they are the same drugs as Joran - marijuana and cocaine.
    A dear friend of mine is an alcohol and substance abuse therapist/social worker. She told me that it is not uncommon for some drug dealers/sellers to lace marijuana blunts with cocaine to make their goods more potent so that their buyers are eager and loyal for repeat sells and they most times aren't aware that the blunts are laced. FYI

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    Interesting parts on page 2 of the NY Post article:

    Then, around March 29, he contacted high-profile New York lawyer John Kelly, who had represented Holloway's mom in an ultimately unsuccessful lawsuit against van der Sloot.

    "Joran reached out and said something like, 'My dad died, and we need some cash. If you guys give me some money, I'll come clean, and give you the whole story' " about Holloway, according to one source.

    The suspect originally demanded $250,000 from Twitty, an Alabama resident, in exchange for his information, according to federal authorities.

    After some negotiation, a source said, a meeting was arranged in Aruba between van der Sloot and someone who was ostensibly acting on Twitty's behalf.
    That meeting was secretly videotaped by the FBI, the source said.

    At the meeting, Twitty's representative "gave him $10,000 in cash" and had another $15,000 wired -- purportedly from the mom to a financial institution in Aruba, which is a territory of the Netherlands.
    Van der Sloot "counted the money twice," the source said.

    "It was sting money, it was the FBI's money," the source said.

    An Interpol document says that in exchange for the money, van der Sloot showed the intermediary a house where Holloway's remains were supposedly hidden, CNN reported.

    But records soon showed that the house wasn't even built when she disappeared -- and van der Sloot immediately confessed that he had been lying, the news channel said.

    Shortly after that meeting, "the FBI was warned by Aruban authorities that he was leaving the country," the source said. "And the FBI apparently did nothing."

    "I did hear that [Holloway's family] was p- - -ed off. They were told that an arrest was going to happen before he left. And he left," the source said. "[Twitty] was pretty upset.

    "This would have given them the opportunity to have their day in court with him in the United States."

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    Joran Van Der Sloot: The Making of a Predator,2933,594152,00.html

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    IMO, Greta is a reliable journalist regarding information surrounding the extortion/wire fraud. Greta reported details last Friday about finding out that John Q Kelly was in Aruba, I believe she stated 2 times in May. Piece by piece Greta started to post info about the details and then on Saturday, on Geraldo, Bo Dietl talked more about the finer details revealing there was $10,000.00 first before the $15,000.00 wire transfer.

    None of the news stations dived into the details once the US Attorney went on air regarding the arrest warrant for extortion/wire fraud.

    Now everyone is grabbing for details and reporting via sources.

    Geraldo June, 5, 2010
    Bo Dietl speaks here:

    Full show here:

    Greta's Interview only on GMA today, 6/9/10
    Poor quality as I recorded off the internet.

    [ame=""]Greta - 6/9/10 Extortion Info on Yahoo! Video[/ame]
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    "Police had originally planned to reenact the crime on Tuesday, but they did not receive notification from the prosecutor’s office.

    It is now scheduled for Wednesday, but no time has been specified.

    Under the warrant issued for van der Sloot, the police have seven days from June 5 to complete the investigation. The prosecutor’s office will then determine the charges that will be filed.

    Unless I have included a link, it is my opinion and only my opinion that I am expressing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flow View Post
    This story still doesn't make a bit of sense. I thought SF was not heterosexual [per the news interview with her friend on the 1st day, the Today Show, I think.]

    Why would he be upset that she wanted to leave? They didn't look like they were en route to a sexual interlude on the video.

    The mercado [little market] is right next-door to that hotel. They said he bought coffee and bread. I can't imagine that taking 45 minutes.

    Joran admitted he was under the influence of marijuana, per JC just now. [big whoop] She said authorities said he broke her neck.

    Wait....?! Jean just said Natalee Holloway was a household name there in Peru. Did she misspeak or what?

    I didn't know there was a Natalee Holloway Center for Justice in Washington, DC. [I guess that's where Beth Twitty was speaking from today.]

    maybe [Joran]needed the 45 minutes to have the ruffies do there job on stephany....also LAME LAME LAME weed excuse....OMG...anyway...i thought he used a baseball bat and now he is saying he didnt....i hope at the recreation that all his lies are seen prayers go out to these poor families who were unfortunate enough to have crossed paths with such a monster
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    Quote Originally Posted by costalpilot View Post
    I understand that some outlets are saying "police reports" indicate tod estimated to be right after he returned to the room, but imo they are basing that claim on JVDS story, which is always problematical.
    They are also basing it on the clothes he is wearing when he leaves to go get coffee. He wore the clothes he entered the hotel in at 5am. After he bought the coffee, he left the room wearing different clothes. His clothes that he originally wore were found with him with blood on it.

    The police report stated time of death at 8:11am. The next credible time is at 8:20.

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    Please continue here: [ame=""]Joran Van der Sloot Confesses to Murdering Stephany Flores Ramirez #3 - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community[/ame]



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