Two full grown a*s men have been arrested and numerous charges filed after it came to light they were using a runaway girl to make child pornography.

The teen who had been in a foster home ran away. It appears she may have known perv Robert Mulkern because her mother believed she was with the 43 year old man. Now bad enough he used this poor child, but his friend Michael Zimmer aged 39 got in on the deal.

Both of them had sex with the child. Both of them racked up charges for taping their sexual exploits with the child. I can go on, but it's too disturbing. At one point LE asked Mulkern where the girl was and he claimed he hadn't seen her in years. They called BS and found the girl in a bedroom in his trailer.

Poor girl. I hope she gets good therapy. I hope these two freaks get their tails kicked in jail. Then again they are both out on bond right now. Lovely.