Alvin Tate aged 46 must be one smooth talker. A great con. Tate got a young woman to follow him at about 3:00AM as she looked for her roomate. Tate said he knew where she was. The 24 year old victim believed him.

Once a few blocks away Tate choked the woman, sexually assaulted her and took her ATM card and cash before fleeing. Tate obviously already known to LE had his image flashed all over the nws when he used the woman's ATM card.

He hangs out at LOVE park in Philly and 15th and Locust. He also has had run-ins with the law in Scranton, Harrisburg and Darby. His photo is here in case anyone may recognize him.

Young ladies, PLEASE PLEASE stick together and if parted don't believe any old person no matter how good their story is to you. Please!