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    MA - Sex Offender In Library Does Not Work Well With Others

    Sheesh, bad enough you're wanted for not registering at your new addy all because you sexually assaulted a child under 14, but then you have trouble in the library?

    Robert W Cunningham gave the poor staff at the Melrose Library so much trouble for weeks they sought the help of police. No big deal said the police because we ran a check on him and he's clean.

    Whaaaaat? Say again! Cunningham refused to follow any rules in the library. Especially with the computers. Of course he did. Many days he stayed on the computers far beyond the limit of up to three hours.

    O.K. this is what gets him busted. He starts eating an entire sub with a drink as well at the computer. I call that a hoagie and well you can not do that. Again the poor librarian told him about it and he balked. "Well I saw her eating at her desk in the lunchroom". O.K. so the staff room does not allow access to anyone but staff. He's a freak. A predator. A snoop.

    Librarian goes back to cops after he dug up the information himeself and says "Ummmmm so yeah here's our guy and he's wanted. He's a RSO". I bet the cops wanted to pat that guy on the back. Here Cunningham is wanted out of Boston for not registering.

    Bingo. Now according to this article I think he's out. Like there was no huge offense commited. A mugshot is at link. Not to judge a book and all but he looks fairly angry and well he's mad. Plus it's an old photograph. From Florida!


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    Kudos to the librarian for going to the police station TWICE and for putting up with this RSO. We need more people like that in this world. And double kudos to the library staff member who looked him up and found him.

    Kinda hard to believe the cops can't find information that the public can find so quickly. I think LE was just being lazy, and prob didn't even look.

    Glad this dude is off the streets for now. It's skeery thinking about all the children he was around.


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