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    Ethnic cleansing in Kyrgyzstan

    I have been following this story with growing horror in the past few weeks; The Red Cross estimates that 400K people have been displaced by the outbreak of ethnic violence between the Kyrgyzs and the Uzbeks. There are stories of murder, beatings, torture and rapes-the victims are ovewhelmingly Uzbek.

    ***Please be warned-graphic stories of violence included in this link***
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    this reminds me a little of what happened in Kosovo in the '90s.

    it's a very volatile situation/region, part of the former Soviet Union. Russia still has a large amount of influence in that area. I hope they are following this closely and do the right thing. The conflict Kyrgyzstan has been going on some time now, though now civilians are becoming targets.

    I am very saddened with what I have read/heard.

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