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    VA - Goat found in trunk alive in 94 degree weather


    BEDFORD, Va., June 15 (UPI) -- Authorities in Virginia said they found a goat bound in the trunk of a car stopped at a drunken-driving checkpoint.

    The Bedford County Sheriff's Office said a deputy heard knocking sounds coming from the trunk of a car being driven by Fiona Ann Enderdy, 32, of Washington at the Bedford County-Campbell County line checkpoint, the Lynchburg (Va.) News Advance reported Tuesday.

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    How sad...I didn't read the article...but I would imagine the goat was destined to be dinner?

    Nosy by Nature and a Websleuther by choice

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    The goat was for Fiona Enderdy's (driver) passengers all from Kenya.

    In my heart I believe the people absolutely did not think this was criminal.

    I'm almost positive I've told this before and I have several goat stories, but we have alot of immigrants who culturally and socio economic wise raise and eat their own animals.

    My neighborhood is very diverse. First thing to know is people from other countries where there's been war and strife do not trust police officers. Make that anybody in a uniform. I know someone who was approached by a child saying "There's a baby crying and crying and crying for a long long time in that house". This person is not a cop. They told the child to go tell his grandparents who do not speak English to call the cops. Nope they won't.

    Eventually the cops came. Yep, a baby crying. Knock on the door. No answer. They finally go in and there's a man sitting there with a little goat bound and hanging upside down. The cops cut the goat down. The man is more than pizzzzed that's his goat. They called animan control on the guy and it went from there.

    The man absolutely believed he can do what he wants with his own goat.

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    Besides putting it in the trunk of a car, I don't find eating goat meat all that unusual...maybe because we have cabrito here in Texas. I've never tried it but I'm told it's quite good! Looks like in Kenya they call it Nyama choma.

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    ...poor goat
    Just my opinion, of course.

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