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    Dr. James Krivacska/Sexology expert and author/convicted child molester

    Hi Folks: As most of you know I'm not posting much due to my degenerative CNS disease. I've tried to assure everyone that I am resting comfortably, still enjoying my husband, my puppies and my 6 o'clock wine. My unique children do their best to keep my brain cells firing in the most unique ways!!

    However, I do check WS a couple of times each day and you guys cover just about everything I think needs to be covered. Once in a while, I come across something that has been missed. Most times, I can let it slide. Sometimes not. I feel very strongly that if victims of a child sexual abuser do research, I want them to know that WSers are "on the case". I feel that is of utmost importance. So often these perps are just marginally known in their own communities. When they are professionals, and especially in the area of children's helping fields, I feel compelled to make sure the news is out in the limelight. That's what this post is about.

    Most of you know that our 8 youngest children were raped and that their rapist was put away for 10 years. He was supported in his defense by an organization called NCRJ--the National Center for Reason and Justice. A few years ago, while we were enduring the rapist's Post Conviction Relief Trial, this site printed our entire family's names (yes, even the victims who were minors) and address. It took quite a bit of work with the Attorney General's office to get our names changed to XXX's. A very twisted set of details and "statement of facts" are on this site. I don't want to belabor the "spin" or the lies but all one needs to do is read the actual appeal and one will find the truth of the matter. Suffice it to say that justice prevailed, all the way to the governor's denial of clemency. I keep an eye on that site and check their current IRS form 990 to see where funds are being channeled. I recently found something very interesting.


    If you'll scroll down towards the end, you can find an accounting of the sponsored cases and how the donations were alloted. Ryan Smith got $30,000 for 2008 (the most). That's on top of far more than that for the previous several years. This doesn't shock me anymore. However, note that the next in line is a V. Rosario at $24,000. That's a lot of money in donations. I went to the site and found Victor Rosario. Turns out that Mr. Rosario is an arsonist. This organization typically jumps in to sponsor those accused and convicted of "false allegations" of child sexual abuse. I don't know what to think of that. Maybe, they are branching out.

    Next, I noticed that there are two other names on the "development" page with Mr. Rosario:


    Victor Rosario
    Dr. James Krivacska
    Jorge Sanchez

    I can't find anything on Jorge Sanchez, but that is a highly common name. Can anyone help here? However, I determined pretty quickly that Dr. Krivacska possibly got his measly $2800 for education as he writes frequently (1989-2006) about false allegation issues:


    I thought I was done researching Dr. Krivacska until something caught my eye!! His license was revoked in June 1999 for the sexual abuse of two children. I kid you not. Scroll down on this page to the Board of Psychological Examiners:


    It also looks like the doctor has appealed his case:


    I also found him here, testifying as a witness as a school psychologist in 1994:


    All I can say is YIKES!! I had not heard this name before but we need to get it out there. I wonder if he knew or crossed paths with William Ayres or any of the other slimeballs? It really frightens me as, once again, this guy preyed on the vulnerable. Dr. Krivacska set himself up as a school psychologist with a specialty with working with the cognitively challenged. Shame. Shame. Shame.

    I will be posting today to add to this. I have gathered a good bit of info and want possible other victims and their families to know that we did not drop the ball on this case. This one hit me hard. I'll do what I can to add any new info but I'd appreciate anything you guys can sleuth out.

    My sleuthing shoes are getting a bit of a rest but they still fit!!

    (((hugs to all of you)))

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    Primary Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse:
    Alternative, Non-Child Directed Approaches
    James Krivacska 1989


    Designing Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Programs: Current Approaches and a Proposal for the Prevention, Reduction and Identification of Sexual Misuse
    Author: James J. Krivacska 1990


    The Special Education Consultant in Due Process Hearings: Ethics and Expertise
    James Krivacska 1992 (reprinted 2002)

    Krivacska wrote his best known work, "Handbook of Forensics Sexology...." with John Money, Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics and Medical Psychology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Run a search on this page and you can read a review:


    The thing that most galls me is that Children's Advocacy Centers all over the country could still be using this while having no idea at all about the convictions.

    Mr. Krivacska (as he lost his license) is cooling his jets in NJ:

    Offender Name: JAMES J KRIVACSKA
    Offender ID:

    Date of Birth:


    Custody Status:
    In Custody

    Location of Offender:
    New Jersey Department of Corrections


    more to come

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    Societal Myths about Sex Offending and Consequences for Prevention of Offending Behavior Against Children and Women

    James Krivacska, assisted by James Free
    Richard Gibb and Drew Kinnear

    "Editor's Note: Dr. James Krivacska has been convicted of child sexual abuse based upon allegations by two mentally retarded men who were students at the special school. Dr. Krivacska was the school's psychologist. He maintains his innocence and the conviction is on appeal. He wrote this article while an inmate at the Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center at Avenel, New Jersey, the facility for sexual offenders. He has previously conducted research and written journal articles and a book about sexual abuse prevention programs. With Dr. John Money he edited the 1994 edition of The Handbook of Forensic Sexology: Biomedical & Criminological Perspectives."

    Have I ever mentioned how much I love the statement, "convicted of child sexual abuse based upon allegations by two mentally retarded men"? What's wrong with "convicted of child sexual abuse"? For the NCRJ to take his case, they have to use the phrase "falsely accused". And they know this better than the judge, the jury, and the child......how?

    And FWIW, a 13 year old and a 16 year old are NOT men. They might have been men by the time they testified. But their disclosures clearly came when they were teens.

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    There's a huge thrill-seeking element to this. I parent a number of children with IQs between 50-65. I know how these kids process stuff and how hard it is to "manage" them. I have to say that all the tactics abusers use that work with brighter kids fly out the window with kids with cognitive challenges. They are wild cards. They typically don't believe threats as they think very concretely. I think that Krivacska had to have had scores more victims. These types of victims, though, are very hard to depose and to find competent.

    I read the descriptions of the two boys and they don't strike me as the type that could be extremely attractive and yet delayed. They were very challenged and disabled kids and most likely did not act like teen boys. One had Fragile X. This abuse is really closer to Bradley than to Ayres in some ways.

    And to do all this with the boy's dad in another office and his mom in the classroom just blows my mind. It's exactly like what happened to our kids. I, or my husband, could have walked around a corner at any second. Krivacska's secretary could have opened that door. Bradley's nurse could have walked in. That's actually the strongest defense Krivacska (and our kids' rapist) had as the abuse defies logic. Regular people, including judges and juries, apply their own logic to these actions and they just can't see themselves doing something so risky and also so immoral.

    Why can I not find anything concerning this man's conviction in the journals or in the local papers? Where did he go to school? Where all has he worked?

    One of the founders of the NCRJ implores you to "write to a prisoner":


    James J. Krivacska
    B 3054/106128C-2W
    Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center
    8 Production Way
    Avenel, NJ 07001

    It probably wouldn't be wise for me to write to Mr. Krivacska so I'm going to pass on the request.

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    Here we have documentation that Dr. Krivacska spent some quality time, most likely alone, with a young special needs boy. His first official accuser, T.A. made a formal disclosure to a detective about Dr. Krivacska on August 10, 1994. Interestingly enough, the evaluation of this 15 year old young man took place only three weeks prior to that disclosure. According to T.A.'s report, Dr. Krivacska had been abusing him for at least a year.

    If you read the full report, you will see that Dr. Krivacska sets R.S.'s level of cognitive functioning to be equal to that of a 6 1/2 year old. In my opinion, that means that R.S. had a high probability rate of being abused by the doctor as he surely fits the doctor's target model. I also noted, that in looking again at the PCR transcript, T.A. said that the doctor invited him to his house, noting that he did not have a wife or children.


    Dr. Krivacska is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified school
    psychologist, who evaluated R.S. on July 16, 1994 [ETA: Summer break?]
    and submitted a
    report dated September 2, 1994. Dr. Krivacska reviewed R.S.'s records,
    interviewed him and administered various tests, dealing with the areas
    of attention, sensory processing, memory, higher order cognitive skills,
    language production, motor functioning, academic achievement and
    social and emotional inhibitors and facilitators.

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    Interesting that Dr. Krivacska sought access to his victims IMO by providing psychological evaluations for administrative law hearings concerning special education services. This due process is extremely contentious and the private evaluator, almost always over-emphasizes the child's needs (and remember this info is coming from me--a dyed in the wool special ed advocate!!).

    What I find interesting is that I can only find reference to a very particular type of client--a vulnerable, immature, cognitively disabled, and socially inhibited young boy--typically between 9-16. This boy, M.P., was about 9 1/2 when he was "tested privately in the summer of 1993" by Dr. Krivacska. This case is interesting in that Dr. Krivacska observed the student a number of times during the early months of 1993 in the classroom but didn't privately evaluate him until the summer. Where and with whom present?


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    Not only is Jim writing scholarly articles, in the field of child sexual development, after his conviction, he's also writing prose--and receiving awards. I guess he's a very busy and creative inmate:

    Jim has written a book, "Reflections From the Jetty" and won a Sagewriters Award (for those in prison):


    He's also had someone help him set up a blog:


    Here's the preface to his book:


    So, am I confused or did his case also go to the US Supreme Court?


    "The motion of Scientists Concerned for Reliability of Children's Reports for leave to file a brief as amicus curiae is granted. The petition for a writ of certiorari is denied."

    He's also filed at least two lawsuits concerning civil rights from within the prison walls in class action suits concerning his treatment.

    Personal note: That's about all I can post for now. I'm turning over the reigns. I know we have many in the NJ area who might be able to jump in and help with local info as I could find literally NOTHING in the press or the professional journals (other than that single insipid and untruthful disclaimer). My concern is that there are many many young men out there with serious challenges who have not had their story told. My heart breaks for them. They have a right to be heard too.

    See, I wasn't just lying here looking at the ceiling. When I can scrape a few IQ points together, I do try to put them to good use. LOL

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    Thank you so much, MissIzzy. I notice that Krivacska also promoted sex education for young kids as a preventiive measure against sexual abuse. Dr. William Ayres had the first ever sex ed series on television for young kids in the 1960s. He said children needed to understand their bodies... only trouble was that he took a "hands on " approach. No doubt Krivacska did as well.

    Designing Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Programs: Current Approaches and a Proposal for the Prevention, Reduction and Identification of Sexual Misuse Positive Review Positive Review
    Author: James J. Krivacska
    Publisher: Charles C Thomas, � 1990

    Excerpt from book review: http://www.ipt-forensics.com/journal...2/j2_3_br2.htm

    One of the most compelling elements of the newly designed PRISM program is its inclusion of sexuality education in any discussion of child sexual abuse prevention. The author makes a convincing argument that the development of a healthful understanding of childhood sexuality and the bounds of appropriate sexual activity will give the child a context for understanding the misuse of sexuality.

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