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    Weather on June 4th

    A lot of people have wondered about the weather on the day Kyron went missing. I happened to remember that that day was the day of a funeral here for a local police chief (Lake Oswego). There was a procession before the service, which was recorded by KATU. Here is a youtube link (I hope it works, I've never linked anything before!) - the timeframe is about noon on that day, and should give at least an idea of what the weather was like.


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    Weather History for Lake Oswego, Oregon


    Minimum Temperature
    46.9 F

    Mean Temperature
    53.8 F

    Maximum Temperature
    63.0 F

    Pressure and Dew Point
    Mean Sea Level Pressure
    29.82 IN

    Mean Dew Point
    49.6 F

    Total Precipitation
    0.61 IN

    Rain and/or melted snow reported during the day.

    7.4 MI

    Snow Depth
    No data.

    Last report for the day if reported more than once.

    Wind Speed and Gusts
    Mean Wind Speed
    4.49 MPH

    Maximum Sustained Wind Speed
    8.00 MPH

    Maximum Wind Gust
    No data.

    Weather data from the National Climatic Data Center Global Surface Summary of Day.


    2nd-wettest June ever for Portland

    by Frank Mungeam
    Posted on June 10, 2010 at 6:47 PM

    PORTLAND, Ore. -- Thursday's latest round of rain pushed Portland to the edge of another rain record. Only ten days into the month, Portland has already totaled the second-rainiest June ever recorded, at 3.83 inches, just shy of the all-time record of 4.03 inches.

    Wet weather records have been falling like the rain since April, and another one fell Wednesday. June 9 was the latest into the calendar year that Portland has failed to reach 80 degrees for the high temperature at least once.

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    Another resource for finding historical weather data - Wunderground. I've got this link set for Portland on June 4.


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    Worried that the dogs did not smell Kyron's scent due to the wet ground....

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