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    IN - Woman tries to snatch baby, stabs parents

    Horrible incident luckily the woman did not succeed or we would have to be sleuthing this one. This women had had a elaborate hoax set up in advance.

    Indiana woman tries to snatch baby, stabs parents
    By CHARLES WILSON Associated Press Writer The Associated Press
    Thursday, June 24, 2010 5:30 PM EDT

    TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (AP) Stephanie Foster wanted a baby so badly that when she suffered another miscarriage last fall, she didn't tell her husband.
    Police say Foster's elaborate hoax ended violently Wednesday when she stabbed a couple at their home as their month-old baby slept in the living room. Now, the baby is staying with relatives while his parents recover, and Foster sits in a county jail cell awaiting formal charges.

    Read the entire story:

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    oh wonderful.

    bet she walks on an insanity plea

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    Stories like this seem to be occurring too frequently (or media access is just better). Thank goodness the family had a guardian angel watching over them. I doubt she'll get off on an insanity plea. Far too much planning went into her scheme (as they often do in these types of cases). This woman will do serious time (I hope and pray).

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    I'm wondering how the Speer's are doing?

    I couldn't find an update on these poor people.

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    Police discuss attempted baby kidnapping

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