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    OH - Marquita Brown, 25, murdered in her Dayton home, 25 June 2010

    I feel sick, and there's nothing else I can say about this.
    DAYTON, Ohio A 5-year old boy used a cell phone to call police Friday after someone fatally shot his mother, telling a dispatcher in a clear but scared voice she was dead and begging for someone to come and stay with him.

    The boy called 911 shortly after 2 a.m. Friday, and police arriving at the scene soon afterward found the body of a woman who had been shot. The Montgomery County coroner's office identified the woman as Marquita Brown, 25. The boy told the dispatcher that was his mother's name.

    "My momma is at home dead," he told the dispatcher when she answered the 911 call.

    "Can you come here," the boy could be heard pleading to the dispatcher on the tape of the emergency call released Friday.

    The female dispatcher kept reassuring the boy as he repeatedly asked if she was coming to be with him, telling him that police were on their way. He answered all of her questions clearly, although his voice quavered at times. After telling her he had an 8-year-old brother, he broke down briefly when asked where his brother was.

    "I don't know, but he's supposed to be here with me," he sobbed.
    5-year-old Ohio boy calls 911 after mom is killed

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    They caught the POS that murdered the mother.

    A man arrested in connection with a fatal shooting of a young Dayton mother shouted “not guilty” as he was led into the Montgomery County Jail late Friday morning, June 25.
    Damien Brown offered no resistance when marshals found him at the Northland Village complex, Manderano said.
    “He didn’t say two words. He came with us calmly and quietly,” Manderano said.
    Damien Brown will be held on the probation violation over the weekend. Police will sit down with prosecutors next week to discuss homicide charges, Dayton police Sgt. Gary White said.
    White said the 5-year-old is currently with detectives at a center for traumatized children and would receive extensive social service intervention.
    “This 5-year-old is braver than the 200 adults who witnessed the murder of Jesse Chandler,” White said.
    This little boy has seen and heard too much for a five year old. The murderer has been abusing and harrassing the mother for some time.

    Bless little Damien and his brother. I pray they find a safe home for these little boys.


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    What a brave little man. Bless his heart. I hope things are going to be okay for him and his brother.

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    no word on where his brother was/is?

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    Oh man, what a horrible horrible story. That poor little boy.

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    From February 2011:


    A Montgomery County Common Pleas jury found Damien Brown guilty on Thursday in the June fatal shooting of estranged girlfriend Marquita Brown...

    Assistant Prosecutor Tracey Ballard Tangeman said he has a history of violence, particularly against women, and she would ask for the maximum sentence.
    From October 2012:


    Brown was sentenced to fifteen years to life in prison for murder, to three years of actual incarceration on the firearm specification, and to five years for having a weapon under disability, to be served consecutively.

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